Faculty & Staff



Heather Tolson

Administrative Assistant

Linthicum Hall, Rm 121


Name and Title Specialty Contact Information

Connie Anderson, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Program Director of Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Autism Studies,
Program Coordinator of Applied Adult Disability Studies Minor

Autism spectrum disorders across the lifespan, couples with a child on the autism spectrum, autism in relation to familial mood disorders, elopement, bullying, and family impact

Linthicum Hall, Rm 121 B

Tamara Burton, Ed.D.,MS, RRT

Allied Health Program Coordinator, Clinical Associate Professor

Allied health, respiratory care, sleep disorders, on-line education Linthicum Hall, Rm 121 J

Linda Caplis, MS, RT (R)

Clinical Assistant Professor

Allied health, radiography and medical imaging, nuclear medical technology, online education, transition of clinicians into leadership roles Linthicum Hall, Rm 121 K

Mary W. Carter, PhD
Associate Professor,
Program Director of Gerontology

Evaluations in quality of care and health outcomes among older adults, hospitalization of older adults, long-term consequences of injury among older adults, nursing home quality of care, geroethics

Linthicum Hall, Rm 121 G

Marsha Davenport, MD, MS, MPH, FACPM

Clinical Associate Professor

Chronic disease management, health care for aging populations, health care management, quality improvement, epidemiology, public health, and preventive medicine

Linthicum Hall, Rm 235 H 410-704-4060

Jodi Dinkin, PA-C  Clinical Assistant Professor

Physician Assistant Program; Pediatrics

Linthicum Hall, Rm 235 E 410-704-4539 (TU Campus) 443-804-2854 (CCBC Campus) 

Cyrus Engineer, DrPH, MHA, MHS
Program Coordinator for Health Care Management,
Clinical Professor

Exploring characteristics of high performing organizations in health care, assessing role of standards and accreditation, improving health service delivery and patient outcomes, role of quality and patient-centered care, patient safety

Linthicum Hall, Rm 235 K

Susann L. Galloway, MHS, PA-C
Clinical Coordinator, Clinical Assistant Professor

Physician Assistant Program

Linthicum Hall, Rm 235 K 410-704-4539 (TU Campus) 443-840-2252 (CCBC Campus)

Cassandra R. Henson, Dr. PA, MBA
Assistant Professor

Ethical Leadership, Ethics Education, Financial Management, Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation

Linthicum Hall, Rm 235 L

Andrew Jones, MS      Clinical Assistant Professor 

Human resource management; long-term care administration, services, and housing; health administration; U.S. health care policy; ethical practices in health care; gerontology

Linthicum Hall, Rm 235 G 410-704-3251

Allison Kabel, PhD Associate Professor

   Linthicum Hall, Rm 121 F 410-704-5892 akabel@towson.edu

Mark McKinnon, DHSc, PA-C                  Physician Assisant Program Director & Clinical Professor

  Linthicum Hall, Rm. 235 D 410-704-2016

Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld, PhD
Associate Professor

 Health care finance, health information technology and mobile health, health entrepreneurship, long-term care administration, human resources management  

Linthicum Hall, Rm 121 D


H. Wayne Nelson, MBA, PhD, FGSA 

Chairperson of the Department of Interprofessional Health Studies,


Long-term care ombudsman program, organizational correlates to quality care in nursing homes, conflict and violence in health care settings, health aspects of disaster preparedness, institutional elder abuse, organizational leadership, disaster preparation for special needs population  

Linthicum Hall, Rm 121 A


Theresa Neumann, PA-C
Academic Coordinator,
Clinical Assistant Professor

Physician Assistant Program  Linthicum Hall, Rm 235 E 410-704-4539 (TU Campus) 443-840-1737 (CCBC Campus)

Thomas Tighe, MPH, MSc.

Health Care Management

Linthicum Hall - Rm 235 M

Wendy Whitner, PhD
Health Care Management Internship Coordinator, Clinical Assistant Professor

Health care quality, health information management, women's health

Linthicum Hall, Rm 121 E

Susan Woodward, PA-C Clinical Assistant Professor

Physician Assistant Program

Linthicum Hall, Rm. 235 E 410-704-4539 (TU Campus)  443-840-2854 (CCBC Campus)

Bo Kyum Yang, Phd 

Assistant Professor

Mental health services and outcomes research, workforce policy analysis & evaluation, nursing home quality of care, large health care administrative data analysis (e.g., Medicare or Medicaid)

Linthicum Hall, Rm. 121 C 410-704-2553 

Zosia Zaks, MS, MEd
Visiting Instructor

Autism Studies, Hussman Center for Adults with Autism

Olympic Place, Rm 428

Charles Zorn III, MBA

Health care management, health care financial management, accounting, finance, physician billing, budgeting, physician practice management

Linthicum Hall, Rm 235 M