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Your Career in Health Care Management
Students graduating with a degree in health care management find a wide range of career opportunities. Specifically, Towson University graduates have found professional positions at hospitals, nursing homes and managed care organizations.

Our graduates also find positions in areas such as finance, marketing, enrollment and admissions, human resource management, and public relations. Check out our alumni updates to see where our graduates have become employed.


Alumni Updates
Keep up-to-date with your friends and fellow alumni of the health care management program. Your news is also of interest to potential and current students, faculty and health service organizations and professionals. To have your news added to this page, please send your name, email contact information, and a brief description of what you are doing to our Program Director, Cyrus Engineer. Please put "HCMN Alumni Web Page" as the subject line.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for our undergraduates, please contact Cyrus Engineer at .


Class of 2015

Brennan Orsulak completed ann internship at Greater Baltimore Medical Center with the Vice President of Finance in the Budget and Decision Support Department. Upon completion of the internship Brennan was offered a full time position in this department where Brennan is currently a Data and Systems Analyst.


Class of 2014

Eric Barbieri completed an internship at Mercy Medical Center, specializing in operations management at The Center for Endocrinology and The Vascualr Center. Eric has transitioned to a position as the Patient Care Coordinator of The Neurology Center at Mercy Medical Center.


Bridget Kelly gained her health care management experience in the MedStar Health Corporate Supply Chain Department, where she completed her internship. Following graduation, Bridget was offered a position there and currently works as a Materials Management IS Data Base Specialist.

Nimra Iqbal completed an internship at Chesapeake Urology Associates (CUA), where she was hired upon graduation. She also received acknowledgement as the "outstanding HCMN BS program graduate for 2014". Nimra currently holds two titles at CUA: Recruiting Assistant and Accounts Payable Specialist. She is also working towards her Masters in Healthcare Administration and Business Administration at University of Maryland University College.


Class of 2013

Melodie Nordin completed her internship at Greater Baltimore Medical Center. She currently works as an Operations Specialist for Glen Ridge Health Solutions.

Zach Serleth gained experience as a compliance specialist during his internship with Professional Management Inc. Zach currently works as a Program Manager at Edaptive Systems, where he focuses on hospital quality reporting and government contracts for facilities specializaing in cancer treatment and psychiatric care.

Tanara Zamorski completed an internship at Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Tanara currently works as an Administrative Assistant for NeuExpand Brain Center.


Class of 2011

Melissa Baer graduated in December 2011 after completing her internship at Greater Baltimore Medical Center with the Vice President of quality and Patient Safety. In February 2012, she was hired by Catholic Health Initiatives national office as the Compliance Coordinator, to work at St. Joseph's hospital in Towson in the Corporate Responsibility Department. She will be working closely with Corporate Responsibility management such as the Vice Presdient/Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO) and the Assistant CRO to coordinate the daily operation and ongoing activities related to the Corporate Responsibility Program.


Joseph Gause graduated in May 2011 after completing his internship at the VA Maryland Health Care System. In July, he presented to the House Committee on Veteran's Affairs a new idea to help veterans make a healthy transition from military to civilian life. His idea was well received and he was also asked to be on the advisory board for Veteran's Affairs. In September 2011, he was hired by John Hopkins Community Physicians as an Administrative Supervisor.


Frank Goldberg completed his internship at Mercy Medical Center and graduated in May 2011. In July 2011, Frank was hired as an Associate Sales Representative for Stryker Orthopaedics.


Courtney Hendon completed her internship in Service Excellence at GBMC and graduated in December 2011. In January 2012, she accepted the position of Community Director with the March of Dimes.


Jessica Pavlosky completed her internship at Good Samaritan Hospital with the Manager of Business and Operations of the Operating Room. During her time as an undergraduate at Towson, she was the founder and Interim VP of the current SGA Health Care Leadership Academy Student group. In March 2012, she accepted a position at Mercy Medical Center as an Executive Management Trainee working under the Direct Supervision of the Senior Vice President of Clinical Programs.


Courtney Pearson graduated in May 2011 after completing her internship at Good Samaritan in Perioperative Services. After graduation, Courtney was hired by MedStar Health corporate as a Materials Management Database Analyst. She currently works as a Business and Operations Manager at Medstar for Perioperative Services.


Chelsea Rice graduated in May 2011 after completing her internship at LifeBridge Health. Shortly after graduation, she was hired as the ED Registration Supervisor for Baltimore Washington Medical Center.


Josephine Slocum completed her internship at Sheppard Pratt Health System in the Information Management Department, and graduated in May 2011. She was hired in July 2011 at PinnacleCare Health Advisory as a Health Information Management Associate.


Class of 2010

Frank Awankwaatia completed his internship at GBMC in the nursing administration department and graduated in December 2010. The professionalism and strong work ethic he showed during his internship extended even beyond the department where he was working. Someone in another department took notice of the great job he was doing and recommended Frank for a job based on his performance at his internship. Frank was offered the Manager in Training of Environmental Services at the Crothal Service Group. He will start training on 3/14/11.


Jessica Crofton graduated in Spring 2010. She completed her internship at Good Samaritan Hospital in the Surgical Services department. Following graduation, she accepted a business analyst position with Edaptive Systems in Owings Mills, MD. Edaptive Systems provides information technology services for both public and private sectors. Jessica is currently working on the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative project and finds it both rewarding and challenging.


Tiffany Frazier graduated in May 2010 . She completed her internship at Harbor Hospital as an administrative intern. She started graduate school in Fall 2011 in the Human Service Administration program with University of Baltimore and Coppin University with a track in Rehab Counseling.


Teri Haddox graduated in May 2010 after doing her internship at GBMC in the Nursing Administration Department. She is currently working for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center at the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in NY. She is a Session Assistant and she works with a variety of medical health care team members. Session Assistants coordinate activity among the patient, family, physicians, nurses and other team members during patient care visits. Responsibilities for this position, as the first step on a health care management track, include orienting patients and families to Ambulatory Care, assisting with patient flow between the waiting and clinical areas, and ensuring that medical records are available and complete prior to a visit.


Bryan O'Mara completed his internship at Oakcrest Village and graduated in December 2010. In March 2011, he began his first professional career working as a Data Acquisition Administrator for Health Data Essentials (a price consulting firm for Medicare Advantage and Medicaid), a small but rapidly growing business in Towson.


April Patterson completed her internship at GBMC in the Service Excellence Department and graduated in December 2010. She started working as a Research Assistant for John Hopkins in February of 2011. As a research assistant, she assists with quality control procedures for studies, including auditing and other database quality control procedures. She helps with the training and management of new student workers on the data entry and analysis as well as assists with the coordinating activities of two studies. The first study involves an observational study of individuals with a first degree relative with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and measures cognitive and biological biomarkers as predictors of onset of dementia. The second study involves the Data Coordinating Center of a multi-centered trial of tinnitus retraining therapy for individuals with severely debilitating tinnitus.


Class of 2009

Mutiat Anibaba graduated in 2009 and feels that "Towson University really prepares you for real life."

She completed her internship at Oak Crest Village and had the opportunity to work with the top administrators of the facility, which she feels prepared her for future employment. After working at Northwest Hospital through a staffing agency, she then successfully secured a job at Levindale Geriatric Center.


Sophie Gamy graduated In August 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management. She completed her internship at Children’s National Medical Center’s Regional Outpatient Center in Laurel, Maryland. She was offered a position as a Senior Clinical Operations Representative by Children’s National Medical Center, as well as the International Client Referral Coordinator at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, the center of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care. She accepted The Johns Hopkins offer and began work at Johns Hopkins Medicine International department for the Middle East and Africa Division in April 2010. She continues to enjoy this position. Sophie has been accepted into the University of Baltimore Health System Management program and will begin in Spring 2011..


Thea Khiev completed her internship at GBMC as their Bariatric Insurance Coordinator and graduated in August 2009. Following graduation, she began volunteering as a health care advocate at George Washington Law School where she helped seniors on medicare with health issues qualify for additional assistance. She feels the experience gained through both her internship as well as her volunteer work lead her to her current job as a Cardiology Coordinator and Neurocardiac Coordinator for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).


Nikeita Moore graduated in 2009 and completed her internship at GBMC in the marketing department. She was hired in June 2009 as the new Project Administrator for Senior Services at GBMC.


Wendy Ng graduated in December 2009 and as of April 2010 she was one of the few selected for the the position of Foreign Claims Representative in the Office of International Operations at Social Security Administration. She is undergoing training in this new position for the next several months and is looking forward to an exciting career with SSA and all the opportunities it has to offer.


Tineeka Pugh graduated in May 2009 and completed her internship at Sinai Hospital. She was awarded the HCMN department award and was the student representative on the HCMN Advisory Board. In September '09 she accepted an Administrative Assistant position with the Lung Center at Mercy Medical Center.


Imane Sene graduated in May 2009 and completed her internship at Sheppard Pratt Hospital. She has a profound interest in studying public health and is applying for the Masters program at University of Maryland at Baltimore. Her dream is to return to Africa and work with International organizations. She is currently employed at Qiagen, Inc, a bio research company.


Latoya Tisdale graduated in 2009 and did her internship at GBMC's Nursing Administrative Offices. She is now working as a Human Resources Assistant at Goucher College.


Tracey Turnage completed her internship at GBMC in the Nursing Administration/Nursing Education Department. She is currently a full-time nursing student with 1 year to complete the RN program. Following obtaining her RN, she plans to pursue either an MBA or M.S. in nursing and work as an RN Nurse Administrator.


Class of 2008

Chikodiri Abengowe graduated in Fall 2008. He interned at Maxim Staffing Solutions of Silver Spring. Maxim Staffing Solutions of Silver Spring quickly hired him after his internship was complete. He is now working there as a Nurse Recruiter on a fast -track to become an Accounts Manager within the next year.


Latia Branch interviewed with MedStar Health prior to graduating Fall 2008. " During the interview I was able to reflect a solid background of knowledge in the healthcare field gained from TU's HCMN program and apply it to the prospective position. By identifying skills I acquired from participating in diverse group projects and various case studies, MedStar was impressed with my interview and offered me the position (which I accepted), as Provider Network Associate with MedStar Health at the Washington Hospital Center-PHO, Managed Care Division shortly after graduation. "I have returned to TU Spring 2009 and graduated Spring 2010, earning a Master of Science degree in Health Science, with a concentration in Administration. Since graduating, she was promoted within the company, where she is now a Managed Care Contract Manager for MedStar Health Corporate, South Division. She coordinates language and rate negotiation of payer contracts for the MedStar DC Hospitals, Ancillary Services. She also works with managed care teams to measure, track and monitor utilization, and financial performance of managed care contracts for MedStar’s DC hospitals."

"My educational foundation I gained from TU’s HCMN undergraduate program and Health Science graduate program, has provided me with the fundamentals that I have used to assist with enhancing my skills in leadership, organization, and planning; all which are essential for an effective manager/administrator to possess." She is now seeking certification as a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP). She plans to continue her future endeavors within the healthcare industry, so that she can become a future leader and innovator in the healthcare market.


Ingrid Giacoman graduated in Fall 2008. She completed her internship at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Baltimore. She is currently working in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as the administrative assistant to the Vice Chair for Critical Care and coordinator for the Critical Care Fellowship Program. She is also applying for the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Mass General Hospital.


Monique Gilliam graduated in Fall 2008. She recently accepted a job at Social Security Administration. Her job title is Benefit Technician in Legal Administration. She is currently seeking her masters at University of Baltimore for Health Systems Management.


Ashley Hensler recently accepted a position with GBMC in the bariatric surgery department as patient billing/account coordinator.


Carol M. Holmes did her internship at Blakehurst Retirement Community. While employed at the Department of Veterans Affairs when working on her degree, she was then promoted to Education Specialist following graduation from our undergraduate program in Health Care Management. In her new position she is now responsible for assisting, planning, conducting and evaluating education and training programs for providers from all specialties. She also monitors the latest developments affecting teaching of health care skills and techniques, and is responsible for making recommendations for changes and improvements in the education program. In January, 2010 she was asked to coach a new program for entry level employees. She was accepted to the VA Leadership Academy in October and will graduate from there in May 2010. She is entering the University of Baltimore Masters in Public Administration Program in Spring 2010. She says she "loves her job!".


Mallory Weinstein completed her internship at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. She was then hired as a full time employee in their New Business Sales Department where her job responsibilities include requesting proposals for underwriting, sending out quotes, helping with the set up of new groups and running the sales rep survey. In April 2009, she was promoted from her position as Sales Assistant to Account Service Representative in New Business Sales at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield.


Class of 2007

Shannon Brun completed her internship at GBMC. She was recently hired by GBMC as a Development Assistant for The Foundation. Email: sbrun@gbmc.org


Kathleen Henneman graduated in December 2007. She completed her internship at Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Towson. She is now working as an Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President in Human Resources at Washington Hospital Center. In March 2011, she was accepted into the Masters of Health Administration program at the University of Maryland and will be starting this summer. She will be attending classes part-time and will continuing her full time job, and hopes to complete the program within 3 years.


Lauren Hudson completed her internship at Blakehurst Retirement Community and now working as an Audit Coordinator at CDR Associates, LLC. Email: lhudson@CDRassociates.com.


Allison Weager completed her internship at Sheppard Pratt. She was recently hired by Dimensions Healthcare at Prince George's Hospital Center as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist. Email: Allison. Weager@dimensionshealth.org.


Class of 2006

Jenna Pearce completed her internship at Greater Baltimore Vascular Surgery. She is now the Lung Transplant Data Coordinator within the Department of Surgery Services of the Johns Hopkins Hospital System.


Natassja Manzanero completed 5 years of experience as a Health Insurance Specialist at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Baltimore, and recently accepted a new position by the Health Resources and Services Administration in Rockville as a Public Health Analyst. She is working in the Health Information Technology Branch, providing HIT access to underserved and rural populations via health centers. She received her Masters in Healthcare Administration Informatics in 2009, and is very happy in her career and looks forward to her new position.


Sarah Novak completed her internship at CDR Associates in Hunt Valley, MD and is now working as their Staff Auditor for the Maryland Team. Email: .


Valerie Fearns was recently hired as a Financial Analyst with Hopkins Health System Corp. & Hospital. She is enrolled in the graduate program at Towson and working towards her Masters of Health Science with a concentration in Administration. Email: valeriefearns@gmail.com


Lari Mead completed her internship at Williamsport Retirement Community where she was offered a position as their Nursing Home Activities Director.


Michelle Connolly is serving as the Medical Office Coordinator at Edenwald. In Summer 2008 she completed her Administrator in Training program and is now officially a Maryland Nursing Home Administrator.


Class of 2005

Dave Eldracher completed his internship at Mosaic Community Services. He recently was hired as a Financial Analyst at Sibley Hospital in Washington, D.C. Email: daveeldracher@gmail.com


Matt Briner completed his internship and accepted the position of Research Project Coordinator at Sheppard Pratt Health System. Currently, he is working at Medical Decision Logic, Inc. which is a downtown Baltimore based software development company as a Project Manager. Email: mbriner@hotmail.com


Toni Tiburzi completed her internship in Marketing at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. She is currently working as the Business Development Manager with SBNL Clinical Pharmacology Center, Inc. in downtown Baltimore. Her primary responsibility is managing multi-million dollar accounts for Phase I Clinical Research. In addition, she is responsible for marketing SNBL and selling of phase I clinical services to large Pharma and the Biotech industry. Once contracted with pharmaceutical companies, she is the primary account representative and liaison between client and clinical conduct. Email: ttiburzi@snbl-cpc.com.

Tricia Springer is a Human Resources Assistant at Home Sales Company, Inc. in Hunt Valley.  Email: tspringer@apartmentservices.com


Elizabeth Taylor is now working as a Recruiter for Maxim Healthcare Services in Towson.  Email: eltaylor@maxhealth.com


Michelle Appling completed her internship at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center Wound Care Center. She is now working at GBMC in patient accounting where she works with Medicare getting claims paid and resolving any issues. Email:apple_000@hotmail.com


Brittany S. A. Cline, Esq. completed her internship at NAMI Metro-Baltimore and graduated from the University of Maryland Law School in 2009. She and her husband then moved to Seattle and she passed the WA state bar exam. Brittany is currently seeking a job in health law, most specifically health insurance regulation and compliance.


Lezly Brown completed her internship at NAMI Metro-Baltimore and has taken a job as a Program Reimbursement Specialist in the Amylin Reimbursement Group at TheraCom in Rockville. Email: lbrown@thera.com


Devon Cumberbatch completed her internship at Baltimore Surgical Associates. Devon graduated in May 2008 from UMUC with an MS in health care administration, and is enjoying employment at the Department of Health and Human Services as a financial management specialist. Devon is glad to have chosen Health Care Management as a major. Email: dcumbejack@yahoo.com


Jean Garrett recently earned her Masters of Science degree in Human Services Administration with a concentration in Health Care Delivery Systems from the University of Baltimore.  Email: jgarre5@hotmail.com


Mary Strzyzewski recently took an administrative assistant position at Johns Hopkins University, where she works in the Oncology Clinical Research Office and performs administrative duties for the Operations Manager, the Compliance Manager, and the Quality Assurance Supervisor.  Email: Marysia1616@aol.com%20


Michelle (Weaver) Arnold completed her internship at Saint Josephs Medical Center after which she accepted the position of Assistant Business Office Manger for Genesis Healthcare-Loch Raven Center where she is still currently employed.  Email: marnold0707@yahoo.com


Stephanie Williams is now currently employed as the Office Manager in Environmental Services located at Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Email: snwilliams@gbmc.org


Class of 2004

Andrew Jones is Dining Services Director at Edenwald Retirement Community in Towson and is currently a student in the MS in Health Science Program here at Towson University. Email: curiousmonk@zoominternet.net


Marnetta Sanders is teaching health and sports medicine at Forestville Military Academy High School. She was recently offered the Health Department Chair position at the academy after teaching for one year, and is currently enrolled in graduate school for administrative and educational leadership. Email: marnettas@comcast.net


Josanne Williams completed her internship with the Baltimore Surgical Associates. She was recently promoted to Specialty Ambulatory Practices' Manager. She manages 5 outpatient sites which include Surgery, Neurology, Diabetes, Orthopedic Surgery and the Community Care Specialty Clinics. She is responsible for staffing and supervision of day to day operations amongst many other duties.  Email: meggy80@msn.com


Lori (Wise) Knoche completed her internship at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Marketing. She is now the Office Manager at the Surgery Center for Anne Arundel Dermatology.  Email: mail to:surgery@aadermatology.com


Class of 2003

Sheri Gaskins completed her internship at the Veterans' Health Administration in Washington, D.C. She is a Health Insurance Specialist in the Division of Reimbursement and State Financing/Financial Management Group/Centers for Medicaid and State Operations at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. She graduated in spring 2007 from Loyola College in Maryland with a Mater of Business Administration. Email:Sheri.Gaskins@cms.hhs.gov


Tanika Lashley is currently working with SRA Internation, Inc. working in the contracts and procurement department. Email:big_nika@yahoo.com


Meghan (McCool) Chan completed her internship at St. Joseph's Medical Center (SJMC). She is now working as a Decision Support Analyst at St. Joseph Medical Center. She is also enrolled at Towson University part-time pursuing a Masters in Health Science with a concentration in Administration and will be graduating in December 2007. Email: MeghanChan@catholichealth.net


David Rivera completed his internship at St. Joseph's Medical Center (SJMC). He is now a Program Specialist with Covance Health Economics and Outcomes Services, Inc. in Gaithersburg, MD  Email: drivera54@yahoo.com


Jessica Roberts completed her internship and is now Assistant Program Coordinator at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. Email:jrober31@jhmi.edu


Delora R. Sanchez, Esq. completed her internship at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA). She graduated from University of Maryland at Baltimore Law School in 2006. She is now working for Johns Hopkins Institutions as the Assistant Director for State Affairs in the Office of Government, Community and Public Affairs. She handles health law issues and lobbying for the Johns Hopkins University and Medical Systems at the State Level. Email: delorarsanchez@gmail.com


Jeanine Tyler is now employed as a Field Program/Sales Training Manager with Apria Healthcare for the Maryland /DC area. She trains representatives in how to sell and run their business in their local area. Email: JeanineTyler@hotmail.com


Lillian Carter Williams completed her internship at NAMI-Metro Baltimore. She recently took a position with the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions as a Patient Service Coordinator II.  Email: lwilli93@jhmi.edu


Class of 2002

Kelly Anderson completed her internship at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). She is now an Administrative Manager at Genesis Eldercare. Email:kander7@tiger.towson.edu


Haley Barnes completed her internship at Johns Hopkins Sydney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is currently working at Johns Hopkins Hospital as a Transplant Financial Coordinator. She is also enrolled in an MS healthcare administration program at UMUC. Email: johnhaleyb@yahoo.com


Julie (Apel) Botterill completed her internship at St. Joseph's Medical Center (SJMC). She is now a Budget Analyst in the Office of Financial Management/Financial Services Division of Budget Management Execution at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Email: Julie.Botterill@cms.hhs.gov


Lisa Chin completed her internship at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Performance Improvement. She is now an optician, working in Alexandria, VA. She manages an optical shop for three doctors (an ophthalmologist, optometrist, and neurologist). She finds it fun and busy and states she uses her healthcare management skills every day. Email: lisa_ch2004@yahoo.com


Brian Graybow completed his internship at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). He is the Revenue Cycle Manager at NYU Medical Center's Faculty Group Practice and graduated from the Barunch College/Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Health Care Administration MBA Program in June 2007. Program. Email: Brian.Graybow@nyumc.org


Kimberly Jenkins completed her internship at the VA Maryland Healthcare System. She is working at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services as a Health Insurance Specialist in the Medicare Contractor Management Group. Email: mskjenkins@yahoo.com


Kim McCurry de Bruyn Kops completed her internship at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) and is working in the Quality and Process Improvement Department as a Data Analyst/Medical Staff Compliance Officer at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC. She is currently enrolled in a dual Masters program at University of Maryland University College for Health Care Administration and Business. Email: Kcmccurry@aol.com


Elizabeth (Palmer) Chennamchetty completed her internship at North Oaks Retirement Community. She recently (Fall, 2003) graduated with her Master of Public Health from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Email: echennamchetty@gmail.com


Neil Petroski is working at Maxim Healthcare as a recruiter.


Kelly Preisendorfer-Appel Mlynski completed her internship at St. Joseph's Medical Center (SJMC). She is now working as a Management Analyst in the Finance Department at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. She is also enrolled at Goucher College part-time pursuing a Masters in Teaching for Elementary/Special Education students. Email: kellyrm11@hotmail.com


Shamika Wilson completed her internship at HCM ManorCare's Heartland Home Health Care Center (HHHC) of Hyattsville. She is now working as an Admissions Coordinator/Social Worker at Annapolis Nursing and Rehab Center. Email: swilso6@yahoo.com


Class of 2001

Lori Bonanni was recently promoted to Managed Care Manager of the Infusion Division of NeighborCare.


Patrick Elliott is currently working at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C. However, he recently accepted a job with Hill-Rom selling capital medical equipment , i.e. beds, stretcher, etc. Email: patrickelliott10@hotmail.com


Rachel Freiman Fox has been working at Merck Pharmaceuticals as a National Professional Representative with the National Business Group for since January 2006. Her responsibilities include selling Merck's primary care products to physicians via the telephone and E-Detailing. Email: rachelfox1@gmail.com


Rose Matthews has been employed with GSA's since graduation. She was hired under an outstanding scholar as an intern for a contract specialist position which she worked on and completed during her first four years. In November 2005, she was asked to join the Office of Acquisition Management and is now a Procurement Analyst. In January, she was promoted to a GS-13. Email: rose.matthews@gsa.gov


Lauren Koontz is currently working at the Baltimore City Health Department in the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Division. She is currently working on her MPH at Johns Hopkins. Email: lauren.koontz@gmail.com


Marie (Green) Lee completed her internship with Heartland Healthcare Facilities that turned into a 7 year tenure with the company. She was their Regional Financial Services Consultant, responsible for oversight and training of A/R departments for 13 facilities. As of February 2008, she is working as an Analyst at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association- FEP in Washington DC. She supports financial proposals, reports, and is responsible for the oversight of a $1 Billion FEP budget as it relates to administrative cost for the Association. Email: Marie.lee@bcbsa.com


Rachel (Breidenstein) Schaaf is currently working in the Reimbursement and Revenue Advisory Services Department of University of Maryland Medical Center as the Case Mix Coordinator. Email: rschaaf@umm.edu


Brianne (Lindstadt) Johnson completed her Master's degree in occupational therapy from Philadelphia University in 2006. She is working for Austill's Rehabilitation Services in Chester County, PA, primarily in the elementary school setting. Email: Bril9979@comcast.net


Class of 1999

Bridget McNamee: is living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan for Heyman Associates, an Executive Search Firm. Email: brooklynbridget@gmail.com


Amy Purdum Martin is employed a Greater Baltimore Medical Center as a part-time weekend Patient Access Representative and is a full-time, stay-at-home mom during the week.


Class of 1998

Paula Bragg accepted a full-time contractual position with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mqaryland as the Coordinator for the Bowl for Kids Sake Program. Email: pbragg@biglittle.org


Angela (Edwards) Hutchins graduated with a dual degree in Health Care Management and Business Management in December 1998. Currently, she is the Director of the Proposal, Strategy and Development Department at Magellan Health Services. She is also pursuing a dual Masters (MBA and Health Care Management) at University of Maryland, University College.  Email: adhutchins@magellanhealth.com


Class of 1997

Kristi (Graves) Donovan is Senior Director, Professional Affairs for the Association of University Programs in Health Administration where she is responsible for AUPHA's professional interest communities and online community development. She previously worked for the National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions, The American Institute of Architects and School Nutrition Association. She earned the Certified Association Executive credential in 2007 from the American Society of Association Executives. She also completed her master of science in organization development and human resources at Johns Hopkins University in 2008 which included a field work project for the American Nurses Association.