Student Spotlights

Spring 2011 - Graduate from the HCMN Program gets invited to the White House!

In fulfillment of the requirements for the BS degree in Health Care Management, Joe Gause completed a semester-long management internship with the VA Maryland Health Care System. As a combat veteran himself, Joe is well-aware of the challenges veterans face when coming home from active duty. While at the VA, Joe came up with an idea to help veterans make a healthy transition from military to civilian life with the goal of increasing awareness of benefits and services to returning veterans. Joe’s idea involved making a “soft” electronic record for each veteran prior to discharge, similar to the way credit card companies develop profiles on potential customers. The record could lay dormant until the veteran comes in for service, at which point it could be easily updated. This idea could potentially save millions of dollars and man-hours spent determining veteran eligibility for benefits and services. When Joe was unable to get his idea off the ground, a friend suggested he email his idea to the President of the United States. To his surprise, Joe received a call from the White House, inviting him to share his idea with the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs. He presented his idea on July 14, 2011 and was well received by the committee members. He was also asked to become a member of the Advisory Board for Veteran's Affairs.

Building further on this idea, Joe proposed a formal agreement be made between the VA and colleges and universities on behalf of veterans. This agreement would allow the VA Maryland Health Care System to participate in new student orientation for veterans, creating an opportunity for the VA to provide information on services available to returning veterans. Joe developed a proposal for a formalized collaboration on this project with Towson University. We are proud of Joe’s dedication to both his country and TU, as TU is to be the first to join in this historic collaboration.

Joe was offered a position in September 2011 with Johns Hopkins Community Physicians as an Administrative Supervisor.


Fall 2009 - HCMN Advisory Board Representative Ryan Macey

"Being a student representative on the Healthcare Management Advisory Board has been a great experience. It has left a lasting impression on me by providing first hand exposure to the work involved in developing and maintaining curriculum and programs to ensure students are well prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. Being a member of the Advisory Board has shown me that everyone involved really cares about the current and future success of the program and its graduates. It was a great learning experience and opportunity to network with current professionals with expertise in many diverse settings. I would highly recommend that any student interested in getting more involved in the program welcome this opportunity."


Fall 2009 - HCMN majors reflect on their Internship Experience

Wendy Ng chose GBMC’s Nursing Administration Department for her internship experience, where she worked directly with the CNO, clinical and administrative directors, nurse managers and unit leaders in planning and developing an organizational wide program to achieve nursing excellence. She utilized her “critical thinking skills to develop tools, reports, and documents to track ongoing projects for the Magnet Recognition Program, such as conceptual models for nursing and conduct successful analysis for summary reports on clinical ladder leaders of various hospitals.” Wendy feels this internship gave her further opportunity to enhance her leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills. Wendy sees her future as a health care leader working in either a multidisciplinary hospital environment or a managed care organization.

Doyin Sanusi chose Edenwald Retirement Community in Towson, MD for her internship experience where she worked directly with the Vice President and Director of Human Resources. She processed new employee paperwork and had the opportunity to learn about employee benefits, such as health and wellness insurance, 401K, etc. She worked on special projects, most specifically a Labor Analysis and Employee Turnover. This project involved research to insure Edenwald is competitive within the market, in addition to analyzing turnover ratios in different departments and ways to enhance employee retention. Doyin hopes to work in a long term care facility and states her internship experience has been extremely valuable in that “it is one thing to learn how something is done, it’s another to actually practice how it is done.”


Spring 2009 - HCMN Major Department Graduate Nikeita Moore

I completed my internship at GBMC in the Marketing Department and graduated in May 2009. I feel that all the coaching, advice, dedication and consideration given to me by the faculty in the HCMN program helped me develop into the woman I am today. I have just been hired as the new Project Administrator for Senior Services at GBMC . I will be responsible for the management of data, finance, budget, human resources, and other administrative tasks for the Palliative Medicine, Hospice, and Geriatrics unit, in addition to assisting the medical secretaries as needed. I will also be responsible for advocacy of the Geriatrics center as GBMC markets its services at health fairs and community events.


Fall 2008 - Amanda Klass Awarded Undergraduate Department HCMN Award
Deciding to earn a degree in health care management is the best decision I have made during my time at Towson University. It's a rewarding degree allowing individuals to work with the public, but also exercise leadership skills and allow for rapid growth.

Faculty and staff in the Health Care Management department are inspiring and incredibly knowledgeable about all topics related to the industry. In particular, the 12 credit internship is a unique opportunity allowing students to get out into the workplace, make connections, and aid in deciding a career path. Towards the end of my internship at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, I was offered a position as a Program Coordinator within the residential living program.

I am so thankful for where I am today and have plans to attend graduate school. I would recommend this program to anyone who has great leadership skills and enthusiasm to work in healthcare. I am looking forward to the future of the program and the continuing opportunities available to students.


Fall 2008 - Latia Branch
I interviewed with MedStar Health prior to graduating Fall 2008. During the interview I was able to reflect a solid background of knowledge in the healthcare field gained from TU's HCMN program and apply it to the prospective position.

I am thankful for the variety of skills acquired from participating in diverse group projects and various case studies. Impressed by my interview, I was offered and accepted the position as Provider Network Associate with MedStar Health at the Washington Hospital Center-PHO, Managed Care Division shortly after graduation.

I have returned to TU Spring 2009 and graduated Spring 2010, earning a Master of Science degree in Health Science, with a concentration in Administration. Since graduating, she was promoted within the company, where she is now a Managed Care Contract Manager for MedStar Health Corporate, South Division. She coordinates language and rate negotiation of payer contracts for the MedStar DC Hospitals, Ancillary Services. She also works with managed care teams to measure, track and monitor utilization, and financial performance of managed care contracts for MedStar’s DC hospitals.

"My educational foundation I gained from TU’s HCMN undergraduate program and Health Science graduate program, has provided me with the fundamentals that I have used to assist with enhancing my skills in leadership, organization, and planning; all which are essential for an effective manager/administrator to possess." She is now seeking certification as a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP). She plans to continue her future endeavors within the healthcare industry, so that she can become a future leader and innovator in the healthcare market.