Jennifer Metz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Jennifer Metz, Ph.D.

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Burdick Hall 121 J
Tue & Thur 11:00am - 12:00pm
& by appointment

Select Publications

  • Metz, J. L. (in press) Dancing in the shadows of war: Critical pedagogy in the classroom. International Review of Qualitative Research. [Special Issue: "Auto-Ethnography & Sport"; Michael D. Giardina and Michele K. Donnelly, Guest Editors].
  • Giardina, M.D., Metz, J. L., & Bunds, K. S. (2011). Celebrating Humanity? Spectacle Pedagogy and the Global Branding of Multiculturalism. In S. Wagg and H. Lenskyj (Eds.), Handbook of Olympic Studies. London: PalgraveMacmillan.
  • McGannon, K.R. & Metz, J.L. (2010). Through the funhouse mirror: Understanding access and (un)expected selves through confessional tales. In R.J. Schinke (Ed.) Contemporary Sport Psychology. (pp. 153-170). Hauppauge, NY Nova Science Publishers.
  • Jennifer L Metz. (2008). "An Inter-View on motherhood: Racial politics and motherhood in late capitalist sport." Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies, 8 (2), 248-275.
  • Jennifer L. Metz. (2008) "From Babies to Ballers: Girls’ Youth Basketball and the Re-Becoming of U.S. Motherhoood. " In M D. Giardina & M. K. Donnelly (Eds.), Youth Culture & Sport: Identity, Power, & Politics. (pp. 175-192). London: Routledge.
  • Giardina, M.D. & Metz, J.L., (2005). "Women's Sports in Nike's America: Body politics and the corporo-empowerment of 'Everyday Athletes’.'" In S.J. Jackson & D.L. Andrews (Eds.), Sport, Culture and Advertising: Identities, Commodities, and the Politics of Representation (pp. 60-82). London: Routledge.
  • Giardina, M.D. & Metz, J.L. (2005). "All-American Girls? National Identity and Cultural Citizenship with/in the W*USA." In M. Silk, D. L. Andrews, and C. L. Cole (Eds.), Corporate Nationalism(s): Sport, Cultural Identity, and Transnational Marketing (pp. 109-126). Oxford: Berg.


  • Dr. Metz's research focuses on political and cultural economy of the body in late-capitalism. It is interdisciplinary in nature, located at the intersections of media studies, marketing/advertising, sport and recreation. She has published on topics such as Nike advertising, Olympic marketing, the racial politics of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) and motherhood, and the mediated spectacle of the Women's United Soccer Association.
Courses taught
KNES 353 Sport & Society