Course Descriptions

The Department of Kinesiology offers courses in the content areas of Exercise Science, Sport Management, Physical Education / Teacher Education, and Athletic Training. For all descriptions, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

Core Program Courses

The courses detailed below present some of the core information in the indicated program. Please reference the undergraduate catalog for sequencing and pre-requisite information.

Exercise Science

KNES 297 Foundations of Exercise Science
Examination of the historical and cultural aspects of the discipline of exercise science, including an introduction to major sub-disciplines.

KNES 265 Fundamentals in Health and Physical Fitness Assessment
Provides an integrated examination of the theory and methodology of health-related physical fitness testing. Allows for practical experience in health-related physical fitness testing and interpretation of assessment data for low- to moderate-risk healthy adults.

KNES 365 Exercise Testing and Prescription
Theoretical concepts and application skills; includes assessment of components of fitness, exercise prescription for apparently healthy and special concerns populations.

KNES 398 Internship in Exercise Science
Opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills learned during course work and through on-campus experiences in actual practice situations. The exercise science internship must be at an approved site in settings such as a hospital-based wellness or cardiac rehabilitation program or a corporate fitness center. A three unit internship requires completion of a minimum of 120 hours; a six unit internship requires completion of a minimum of 240 hours.

KNES 469 Research Methods in Exercise Science
Prepares students to read and interpret research in exercise science. Topics include scientific process, research questions and theories, literature review, research methods and measurement, data analysis, and reporting. Requires grade of C or better to fulfill Core or GenEd requirement.

Sport Management

KNES 280 Introduction to Sports Industry
Trends, challenges, and opportunities in the sports industry.

KNES 345 Seminar and Field Experience in Sport Management
Professional practices necessary to be a successful sport manager, specifically focusing on professional development with an experiential component.

KNES 390 Sport and Globalization
Addresses the historical and cultural global impact of sport using the lens of sociology, globalization, and critical cultural studies. We will examine sport in a variety of different nations and global settings as well as discuss the most pressing issues regarding global sport.

KNES 445 Internship in Sport Management
Internship in Sport Management. May be repeated, or enrolled concurrently, for a maximum of 12 units.

KNES 460 Cultural Economy of Sport
A theoretically-intensive investigation of the cultural significance and economic formations of contemporary sport in the context of a 21st-century global marketplace.

Physical Education / Teacher Education

KNES 324 Teaching Physical Education in Elementary School
Responsibilities of the elementary school physical education teacher, including class organizational procedures, a variety of teaching methods, lesson and unit plan development, and content appropriate for the elementary school child. Includes observation and teaching experiences with elementary school children at various ages.

KNES 325 Teaching Physical Education in Secondary School
Responsibilities of the secondary school physical education teacher, including class organizational procedures, variety of teaching methods, lesson and unit planning, and topics resulting from the observation/participation experience in a secondary school.

KNES 341 Concepts of Motor Learning
Study of effects of sensation and perception, reaction time, knowledge of results, retention, transfer, physical and mental practice, and motivation on learning and performing motor skills.

KNES 423 Adaptive Physical Education
Recognition of pupils with physical deviations and use of special or modified physical education activities.

KNES 392 + 394 Elementary and Secondary Internship
Practical experiences in observation, participation, and student teaching in elementary and secondary public schools under the guidance of master teachers and a university supervisor.

Athletic Training

KNES 291 Introduction to Athletic Training
Theory, laboratory, and clinical experiences designed to provide students with formal instruction and evaluation about the allied health profession of Athletic Training. Competencies and clinical proficiencies related to the practice of athletic training and prevention and immediate care of orthopedic related injuries are covered.

KNES 417 Organization and Administration of Athletic Training
Analysis and application of organizational skills and administrative structure of the athletic training profession, including record keeping, budgeting, and a history of athletic training. Requires grade of C or better to fulfill Core or GenEd requirement.

KNES 427 Therapeutic Exercise for Musculoskeletal Injuries
Analysis and application of comprehensive therapeutic exercise techniques and the development of rehabilitation programs for physically active individuals. Average of 2.5 laboratory hours per week.

KNES 431 Seminar in Athletic Training
Analysis and application of athletic training knowledge, skills, attributes, and decision making proficiency; assessment of clinical applications of knowledge and skills pertaining to the athletic training education domains.

KNES 432 General Medical Aspects
Study of pharmacotherapeutic agents and general medical conditions, disabilities, abnormalities, and diseases of physically active individuals; prevention, recognition, physical examination, management, and referral of common general medical conditions.