Kyungsook Gartrell

Assistant Professor


Contact Information

Linthicum Hall, room 201J


Post PhD, Biomedical Informatics Research, National Library of Medicine
PhD, University of Maryland School of Nursing
MS, University of Maryland School of Nursing
BSN, University of Maryland School of Nursing
BA, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea

Areas of Expertise

Adult Health
Medical/Surgical Area
Biomedical Informatics (Clinical Informatics, Nursing Informatics)
Clinical Decision Making Tool (Mobile Health Application)


“Big” health data analysis

Electronic health record/Personal health record use to improve patient outcomes

PubMed4Hh use for enhancing clinical decision-making at the point of care for clinicians

Evidence-based practice to improve the quality of care and patient outcome

Professional memberships/affiliations

American Medical Informatics Association

Academy Health Annual Research Meeting

Sigma Theta Tau International


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Gartrell, K., Brennan, C.W., Wallen, G.R., Liu, F., Smith, K.G., & Fontelo, P. (2018).  Clinicians’ perceptions of usefulness of the Pubmed4Hh application in mobile device for clinical decision making at the point of care: Pilot study. BioMed Central (BMC) Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 18(1):27. DOI: 10.1186/s12911-018-0607-9.

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