Individual Degree Completion Plan

Students having 45 or more earned credits (transferred plus Towson credits) are required to create a degree completion plan (DCP) that illustrates the completion of their degree.  This document will lay out your course choices each semester, so that you will have a blueprint for finishing all your degree and university requirements, for a timely graduation.

Nursing Action shot IDCP

Your Degree Completion Plan (DCP) is a road map to earning your degree but can change if your destination changes. Academic changes, such as not receiving admission to the major, adding a minor, not finding an available course to take in a planned semester, failing a course, changing majors, etc. will affect your individualized degree completion plan and possibly your time to graduation.

You and your advisor review the plan during an advising meeting. The approved plan is filed electronically by your advisor and your advising hold is removed for the semester. You should also maintain a copy of your plan.  

To complete your plan:

  • Basic nursing students should review and print the suggested four-year plan of study in the Undergraduate Catalog. Read and follow the Instructions (pdf) to complete the plan. Download the Nursing Degree Completion Form and save the file as "last name and TU ID.xls" (example LASTNAME123456).
  • Degree completion students should review the curriculum outline unique to their cohort provided at the start of the option by your advisor. Remaining degree requirements will be discussed during an advising meeting and your plan will be completed and filed.