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The purpose of this Fieldwork Manual is to give students a tangible and visual source of assistance while sorting through the fieldwork maze. Fieldwork is designed to enhance the students' learning, help meet the students' educational objectives, and prepare students for both the certification exam and entry-level competency as an occupational therapist. The process of putting together the jigsaw puzzle of fieldwork placements is a lengthy and significant undertaking. This process will require flexibility, trial and error, problem solving, investigation, patience and good humor!

According to the Accreditation Standards for a Master's-Degree-Level Educational Program for the Occupational Therapist (ACOTE, 2013):

Fieldwork education is a crucial part of professional preparation and is best integrated as a component of the curriculum design. Fieldwork experiences should be implemented and evaluated for their effectiveness by the educational institution. The experience should provide the student with the opportunity to carry out professional responsibilities under supervision of a qualified occupational therapy practitioner serving as a role model.


  • ACADEMIC FIELDWORK COORDINATOR / ADMINISTRATOR (AFWC) - the University's representative responsive for coordinating fieldwork, assigning students and negotiating contracts and placements.
  • FIELDWORK FACULTY - faculty who maintains contact with the student and his/her fieldwork educator during the student's fieldwork experience. This person monitors the student's performance, providing support, guidance, and intervention as necessary and records the student's grade at the completion of the placement.
  • FIELDWORK SITE - the hospital, clinic, rehabilitation facility, outpatient program, school, private practice, day program, etc. where a student is placed for a Level I or Level II experience.
  • FIELDWORK SLOT/PLACEMENT - the number of student spaces a sites allots to Towson University.
  • FIELDWORK COORDINATOR - the fieldwork site's representative who assigns student placements; and overseeing the student's experience at the facility.
  • FIELDWORK EDUCATOR - The fieldwork site's staff member assigned to supervise the student

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