Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions about the Towson University Professional Occupational Therapy MS Program admission requirements and process. If you have additional questions, please review our Admission Requirements & Deadlines page or reach out via phone or email.

How do I apply?

You must submit a complete application through the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (OTCAS) by the posted deadline to be considered for admission. Full admission criteria can be found on our Admission Requirements & Deadlines page.

We use OTCAS because it allows prospective OT applicants to apply to multiple participating programs using a single web-based application and one set of application materials.

When do I apply?

The Towson University application is available from mid-July through December 31 of the year prior to each Fall admit term. We review all regular applications at once and only those with complete applications will be considered for admission.

You must submit a complete application through OTCAS by December 31 of the year prior to the Fall term you wish to start the program. We will only include materials verified by February 1 in our review. It can take as many as 4-6 weeks for OTCAS to verify transcripts; therefore, it will be necessary to submit materials as early as possible. We have established our OTCAS Submission deadline of December 31 to assist applicants in meeting the Feb 1 verification cutoff.

Can you confirm my application was received?

It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete and submit the TU application in OTCAS. OTCAS will notify applicants when their application is successfully submitted and verified, which also means that TU has access to the application materials. TU will not send additional verification.

Can you confirm my application is complete?

It is the applicant’s responsibility to understand the admission criteria and review their application materials for completeness. Neither OTCAS nor TU will notify applicants of incomplete applications. If you have questions about our criteria, please feel welcome to contact the Admissions Counselor at or 410-704-2653.

Do you have an early admission option?

Yes – our early admission option has specific requirements and deadlines separate from the regular admission process. Please review our Early Admission Option page for more information.

Can I apply to start in a Spring term?

No – we only admit one time per year and each cohort starts in a Fall term.

Do I need to apply to Towson University?

Not yet – applicants should not submit an application or any admission documents to TU Graduate Admissions until directed to do so by the department. Eligible applicants will be given instructions for applying to TU Graduate Admissions after our initial review is complete, usually between late-February and early-March.

Can I apply before I have earned my undergraduate degree?

Yes, but you must provide official transcripts through OTCAS proving that you are enrolled to earn an undergraduate degree by August 1 of the year you anticipate starting the program. If you are offered a position in the program, you will be required to provide additional official transcripts by August 1 proving the conferral of your degree.

Can I apply before I have completed all of my prerequisite courses?

Yes – you must have completed at least 6 of the 10 prerequisite courses, one of which must be Human Anatomy & Physiology I, with the required grade by the application deadline. Please review the Prerequisite Completion portion of the Admission Requirements & Deadlines page for full details.

Can I take prerequisite courses at a Community College?

Yes – prerequisite coursework can be taken at any regionally accredited institution (community college or university) so long as the courses meet our content requirements. Please review course content requirements in the Prerequisite Completion section of the Admission Requirements & Deadlines page for full details.

If I take prerequisite courses after I earn my Undergraduate Degree, will they count toward my Last-60-Credit GPA?

No – prerequisite courses are considered lower-level so they do not extend your last-60-credit GPA calculation. The only post-bacc coursework that extends this calculation are courses taken at the upper level (3- or 400 level) or graduate level.

Do I have to meet the 60 Human Service Hours requirement before I apply?

Yes – the Human Service Activity requirement must be satisfied at the time of application. Please review the 60 Human Service Hours (Observation Hours) portion of the Admission Requirement & Deadlines page for full details.

Do you require the GREs?

Not at this time – GRE scores are not required of applicants for the 2018 admission cycle. Any GRE scores submitted will not be reviewed.

Do you accept online courses?

With the exception of science labs, we do accept online courses taken through a regionally accredited institution. Science labs must be taken in face-to-face format; this includes Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy & Physiology II, and Physics.

Do courses have an expiration date?

Anatomy & Physiology I & II must have been completed within five calendar years of the application deadline, with no exceptions. There is no expiration date for the other prerequisites.

Do you accept AP scores?

Yes – AP scores of 4 and 5 are accepted for non-science coursework if the score is posted to a college transcript. Additional official documentation, such as College Board results, may be required if the score is not posted to a college transcript.

Do you accept CLEP scores?

No – we do not accept CLEP scores for any of the prerequisites.

What makes a competitive applicant?

To be a highly competitive applicant, you should review all of the admission criteria and strive to reach the highest levels overall. We do not provide specific feedback to applicants to increase their competitiveness and do not provide application data (e.g., average GPA of applicants) as this can change based on each applicant pool. All applicants should consider that admission to the program is highly competitive; many highly qualified applicants are not offered a position.