Dr. Susan (Zosha) Stuckey

Associate Professor


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LA 5358


Areas of Expertise

Rhetorical Theory


I am an Associate Professor at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland, working in the areas of rhetorical theory and history, community engagement, social justice, professional writing, and disability studies. My book, A Rhetoric of Remnants: Idiots, Half-Wits, and Other State-Sponsored Inventions from SUNY Press can be found here: http://www.sunypress.edu/p-5911-a-rhetoric-of-remnants.aspx.


Rhetoric Review 32.3 (2013). "In Pursuit of the Common Life: Rhetoric and Education at the New York State Asylum for 'Idiots' at Syracuse, 1854–1884"

Epideictic Rhetoric and the Reinvention of Disability: A Study of Ceremony at the New York State Asylum for “Idiots”

Octalog III: The Politics of Historiography in 2010

"What Has Become of Jimmy Thornton?": The Rhetoric(s) of Letter-Writing at The New York State Asylum for Idiots, 1855-1866

Rhetoric, Ethos, and Unease: Re-negotiation of the 'Normal' in the Classroom and on the Quad

Staring Back: The Rhetorical Fitness and Self-Fashioning of Lavinia Warren and Ann E. Leak, Nineteenth Century Side Show Performers

"Protest Narratives In Nursing Homes: Rhetorical Facility in the Production of Life Writing"

'Friction in Our Machinery:'Rhetorical Education at the New York State Asylum at Syracuse, 1854-1884.

Using Disability Studies Theory to Change Disability Services: A Case Study In Activism.

Courses Spring 2018

  • ENGL 301 Rhetoric and Science
  • PRWR 611 Rhetoric: The Pursuit of Eloquence
  • PRWR 615  History and Development of Prose Style