Sharon Jones-Eversley, DrPH.

Associate Professor

Sharon Jones-Eversley, DrPH.

Contact Information

College of Liberal Arts
Room 2229


DrPH., Public Health,
Morgan State University

M.A., Ethical and Legal Studies,
University of Baltimore

B.A., Political Science,
Morgan State University

Areas of Expertise

Social epidemiology

Family science

Nonprofit management

Community capacity-building


Through advocacy and research, Dr. Jones-Eversley seeks to better understand intergenerational disease distribution and the continuum of disease-related morbidities that adversely impact high-risk families and communities. She explores the relevance of customized hereditary health education, health promotion, health literacy, and tailored genetic, genomic and general health information dissemination among individuals and families of African descent. She studies the translational efficacy of hereditary health as an intervention tool. Her studies examine family gatherings (e.g. reunions) as integrated settings to inform, engage, educate, and train families in customized health-related activities directly related to common diseases in their family lineage. 

Selected Publications and Presentations

Jones-Eversley, S. & Dean, L. (2018). After 121 Years, It’s time to recognize W.E.B. Du Bois as the father of social epidemiology. Journal of Negro Education, 87(3), 230-245;* 10.7709/jnegroeducation.87.3. 0230?seq=1#page_scan_tab_ contents

Jones-Eversley, S., Harnek-Hall, D. M., & Vejar, C. (2018). Appreciative inquiry in a service-learning Course. Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work23, 77-90.*

Robinson, M., Clayton, D., Moore, S.E., Adedoyin, A., Jones-Eversley, S., Crosby, S.C., & Boamah, D. (2018). A synergy of contemporary activism to address police maltreatment of Black males: An intersectional analysis. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment.*

Jones-Eversley, S. (2018, August 24).The future of science is women: Here’s how institutions can support them. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

 Jones-Eversley, S., Harnek-Hall, D. M., & Rhoden-Trader, J. (2018). Fight the Powers that Be: Examining the Conflicting Dual Legitimate Powers Operative in Urban America. Fasching-Varner, K., Tobin, K. & Lentz, S. (Eds). In #BRoken Promises, Black Deaths, & Blue Ribbons: Understanding, Complicating, and Transcending Police-Community Violence. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill | Sense.

 Jones-Eversley, S. & Ravenell, J. (2018). Four elephants in the room: A reflective analysis of the wailing rage displayed by Baltimore youth after Freddie Gray’s death. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment28(1), 90-108.*

Robinson, M., Jones-Eversley, S., Moore, S.E., Ravenell, J. & Adedoyin, A., C. (2018). Black male mental health and the Black Church: Advancing a collaborative partnership and Research Agenda. Journal of Religion and Health57(3), 1095-1107.* 

Jones-Eversley, S., Adedoyin, A. C., Robinson, M. A., & Moore, S. E. (2017). Protesting Black Inequality: A Commentary on the Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter. Journal of Community Practice25(3-4), 309-324.*

Jones-Eversley, S. & Castor, C. (2017). Missed Opportunities: Families as Family Health Navigators to Counteract Social Determinants of Health. National Council of Family Relations (NCFR) Report: Family Focus. Issue FF73, pp F3-F6*.

Bor, H. and Jones-Eversley, S. (2013). Strengthening faith-based nonprofit business management skills without sacrificing spiritual and ethical integrity (Concept Paper). Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership,Kansas City, MO.*

Jones-Eversley, S. (Featured in Trailer). National Documentary (2013). The Skin You're In: A Film about African American Health, Creator/Producer: Dr. Thomas A. LaVeist, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD. Trailer:

Jones-Eversley, S. (Keynote Speaker). Aging and Care Services, Baltimore City Health Department: Grandparents Conference, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD. September 12, 2018.

Jones-Eversley, S. Lessons Learned from Thurgood Marshall: Justice for All (Keynote Luncheon Speaker). 2018 National Legal Aid & Defender Association: Holistic Defense & Leadership Annual Conference,Philadelphia, PA. June 5, 2018.

 Jones-Eversley, S. Determinants of Death & Socially Disabled Communities: The Death of Freddie Gray Jr. in Sandtown-Winchester (Presenter). 2018 National Legal Aid & Defender Association: Holistic Defense & Leadership Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA. June 5, 2018.

 Jones-Eversley, S. Symposium For Us By Us: A Roundtable Discussion On the Importance of Research on Black Girls’ and Women’s Health (Panelist). 2018 Symposium and Workshop on Black Girls’ and Women’s Health. Towson University, Towson, MD. May 18, 2018.

 Jones-Eversley, S. The Premature Death of Freddie Gray Jr. and the Sandtown-Winchester Community: Through the Lens of Social Epidemiology and Legal Epidemiology (Presenter). 2018 Maryland Office of the Public Defender's Annual Conference, Ocean City, MD. April 22-24, 2018.

Jones-Eversley, S. Restoring the Community’s Health, Spirit, and Culture: Rethinking the Medieval Model of Communal Health (Presenter). 2018 National Communities Join in Action Conference, Atlanta, GA. February 14-16, 2018.

Jones-Eversley, S. Generational Poverty, Relative Deprivation and Determinants of Health in Sandtown-Winchester: The Community Where Freddie Gray Jr. Lived and Prematurely Died (Presenter). Towson University Multicultural in Action Series Brown Bag, Towson, MD. April 7, 2018.

Jones-Eversley, SBlack Don’t Crack, But Dying Pretty and Premature (Presenter). 2017 National Society of Allied Health Promotion and Wellness Conference, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA. March 16-19, 2017.

Jones-Eversley, SBlack Don’t Crack, But Dying Pretty and Premature (Presenter). 2017 Interprofessional Education & Practice Conference Addressing Health Disparities. Howard University, Washington. D.C. February 27-28, 2017.

Algeria, M., Cook, B., Jones-Eversley, S. & McGee, E. (Panelist). Revising and resubmitting peer reviewed publications. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation National Webinar. United States. October 18, 2016.

Jones-Eversley, S. (2015, March). The Transference of Health: Building Healthier Families through Family Health History Dissemination. Presentation at the Texas Council on Family Relations Annual Conference, Abilene, TX. 

Jones-Eversley, S. (2014, October). Discussion Around the Training of Community Health Workers. Moderated at the 11th Annual Health Disparities Conference, Baltimore, MD. 

Jones-Eversley, S. (2014, January). Nonprofit Financial Resource Development Options for Students at Towson University. Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Management Leadership Institute, Chicago, IL.

Jones-Eversley, S (2013). What is Appreciative Inquiry? TU in 2, Two-Minute Lectures by Towson University Faculty.

Jones-Eversley, S. and Bor, H. (2013, April). Strengthening Faith-based Nonprofit Business Management Skills without Sacrificing Spiritual and Ethical Integrity. Presented at the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership Critical Conversations on the Future of Nonprofit Governance, Kansas City, MO.


PRIDE-CVD Disparities Institute Career Mentoring Program scholar at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, sponsored by the National Institute of Health 2013-2015.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Travel Grant: University of Michigan ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research) Statistical Summer Training: Health Disparities Research and Vulnerable Populations (2013).

Cohen Research Grant for Curriculum Mapping Instrument & Best Practices Toolkit Project for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (October 2012-2014).


American Public Health Association (APHA)

National Council on Family Relations (NCFR)

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA)

Board Chair, Volunteers of America/-Chesapeake, Inc. (MD, DC & VA)

Board Member/Program Chair, Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Baltimore


Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP)

Courses Taught

  • FMST 101 - Introduction to Family Studies
  • FMST 201 - Family Resources
  • FMST 303 - Trends in Contemporary Family Policy
  • FMST 325 - Ethics in Human Services
  • FMST 350/550 - Leadership in the Non Profit Sector
  • FMST 355/555 - Fundraising, Friendraising, & Volunteer Management
  • FMST 360 - Diversity, Culture and Team
  • FMST 387 - Community Services for Families
  • FMST 380 - Family Law