Sharon D. Jones-Eversley

Associate Professor, Department of Family Studies & Community Development

Dr. Sharon Jones-Eversley

“I was born, raised and ‘public school educated’ in West Baltimore,” says Jones-Eversley.

As a social epidemiologist Sharon Jones-Eversley conducts research and educates her students, in the Department of Family Studies & Community Development at Towson University, on racial and ethnic variances in health, healthcare access, healthcare delivery and health outcomes that impact families and communities of color. 

A majority of Jones-Eversley’s work relates to Baltimore City or persons of African ancestry. Her current and pending research focuses on the translational efficacy of family reunions as a setting to inform, engage, educate and train families regarding health issues prevalent to their ancestry and cultural background.

She is also examining the futility of interfamilial settings and rituals that either celebrate family (e.g. baby blessings) or mourn relatives’ deaths (post-funeral bereavement counseling) as a possible entry point to provide individuals and families customized familial-health education and familial health promotion to combat familial and generational determinants of health.

I am not afraid to think outside the box ”

Sharon Jones-Eversley

Whether it’s giving presentations, acting as an executive board member or vice chair, giving a lecture in the classroom, appearing in a documentary, writing scholarship or conducting research Jones-Eversley is perpetually advocating for Urban America.

She recently presented on health disparities at Howard University for the Interprofessional Education & Practice Conference and Norfolk State University for the National Society of Allied Health Promotion and Wellness Conference. Jones-Eversley aims to help others better understand intergenerational disease distribution and the continuum of disease-related morbidities that adversely impact high-risk families and urban communities.

She believes, “Health equity and the elimination of health disparities are America’s ‘social contract’ with urban communities.”

Jones-Eversley is doing everything in her power to educate and inform others of the severity of generational determinants, relative deprivation and social disability in Urban America and the need for emergent solution-focused research.