Study Abroad

The Department of Foreign Languages enthusiastically supports programs offered through the university's Study Abroad Office. Students can choose from an exciting variety of options including faculty-led programs, exchange, and affiliate programs.

Students majoring or minoring in a foreign language are strongly urged to spend time, either during the Minimester, Summer, or academic (Fall/Spring) year, in a country where the chosen language is spoken.

The cost to participate varies from program to program, as do the services included. Federal financial aid is available as well as Study Abroad scholarships. For more information, visit the TU Study Abroad Office website.

All Foreign Language majors and minors must have their study abroad curriculum approved by their Foreign Languages adviser and the Foreign Languages Chair prior to traveling abroad.

Upcoming opportunities


Spanish Language and Indigenous Cultures in Ecuador

Minimester 2020

Dr. Diego del Pozo


Spanish Language in Spain

Summer 2020

Dr. Francisco Martinez-Ibarra




A Student's Experience

"Studying and living in an unfamiliar cultural setting allowed me to view life with new perspectives"

"Being in a new environment was an amazing opportunity and I can't wait to go back"

"My experience abroad was absolutely amazing. I broadened by horizons and learned not only a new culture, but about myself."