Advising & Student Resources

We have faculty and staff who are happy to answer any questions that you may have about any of our programs.

Although we do not offer a major or a minor in all languages, we do have a designated coordinator who can assist with placement in each language. Moreover, the department has assigned academic advisors for each major and minor program that we do confer.

Department Advisors

Arabic Language Coordinator - Dr. Ziad Bentahar

Chinese Language (Mandarin) Minor Advisor & Coordinator - Dr. Ping Fu 

French Language Major & Minor Advisor & Coordinator - Dr. Katia Sainson 

German Language Minor Advisor & Coordinator - Dr. Annette Budzinski-Luftig 

Greek (Ancient) Language Coordinator -

Hebrew (Ancient) Language Coordinator

Hebrew (Modern) Language Coordinator -

Japanese Language Coordinator-

Italian Language Minor Advisor & Coordinator - Dr. Margherita Pampinella 

Latin Language Coordinator - Dr. Margherita Pampinella 

Portuguese Language Coordinator - Dr. Lea Ramsdell, Chair

Russian Language Coordinator 

Spanish Language Coordinator - Dr. Colleen Ebacher

Spanish Language Major Advisors:

Spanish Minor Advisor - Dr. Lea Ramsdell, Chair

 Spanish Language Placement

  • Incoming freshman and transfer students: Please be sure to complete the Spanish placement assessment BEFORE you meet with your advisor on your day of orientation. If it's not complete when you meet with your advisor, you will delay the course selection process. Students interested in completing the Spanish placement assessment should send an email request to the or to .
  • This assessment is not time consuming.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to complete the assessment. 
  • You will need to allow some days for your score to upload to your student account.
  • If you want to have your score upload expedited, send an email to  with your name, TUID, language tested for, score, and date of completion.
  • Students with previous knowledge of French, German, Italian or Russian who wish to enroll in a language class should contact the appropriate language coordinator listed above.

Departmental Challenge Exam

We offer a Challenge Exam to native and heritage speakers and writers of select languages. This exam is not the same thing as the CLEP exam. Towson University does not recognize CLEP credit for languages.


Tutoring for language courses is available by appointment only. Please contact the Tutoring and Learning Center.