Foreign Languages Major

Immerse yourself in the study of Spanish or French. Expand your knowledge of the language, the country, the culture and the people.

Develop a command of Spanish or French by following an intensive course of study as a foreign language major. Choose from two concentrations: 

Professional/Literature Concentration

The professional/literature concentration in French or Spanish broadens your knowledge of the language as well as literature and civilization. You must complete at least 30 upper-level units in the target language.

Degree Requirements and course descriptions

View degree requirements and course descriptions for the French professional/literature concentration and the Spanish professional/literature concentration in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Secondary Education Concentration

The secondary education concentration in French or Spanish gives you the skills to teach the language in the United States and abroad. You must consult with both the Foreign Languages Department and the Department of Secondary & Middle School Education to confirm degree requirements. As part of the requirements for graduation, teacher candidates must complete the Oral Proficiency Interview administered by an interviewer certified by the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages

Degree Requirements and course descriptions

View degree requirements and course descriptions for the French secondary education concentration and the Spanish secondary education concentration in the Undergraduate Catalog.

All foreign languages majors are assigned an adviser in the target language and receive advising each semester.

Language Placement

Incoming freshman and transfer students

Please be sure to complete this placement assessment BEFORE you meet with your advisor on your day of orientation. If it's not complete when you meet with your advisor, you will delay the course selection process.

Students of French, German, or Spanish who do not already have college credit for the language MUST take the placement assessment tool before registering for a French, German, or Spanish class.

About the Assessment

The assessment is not time consuming and it can even be completed on your mobile device.  

It is the responsibility of each student to complete the assessment. We are currently in the process of expanding the exam to cover more languages. 

Allow 24-48 hours for your score to upload to your student account.

If you want to have your score upload expedited, send an email to  with your name, TUID, language tested for, score, and date of completion.

WHY TOWSON UniverSity?

Program Advantages

Small classes taught by experienced faculty give you a real opportunity to interact with your instructors and fellow classmates.

You’ll get direct experience practicing your language skills through internships, service learning, and study abroad opportunities.