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Ph.D., UNC-Greensboro, 2012

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Tiffany Packer, a native of Leakesville, Mississippi, obtained her Ph.D. from the Department of History at UNC-Greensboro and currently serves as Lecturer at Towson University.  In the Spring of 2012, she became the first African American to graduate with a Ph.D. in History from UNC-Greensboro.   Dr. Packer has done extensive research on the 1979 Greensboro Massacre and has a particular focus on Post-Civil Rights activism in black working class communities. Some of her most recent work has included the problems of policing in communities of color.  Dr. Packer, along with her Public History class, recently co-curated the ground-breaking exhibition, “K(no)w Justice, K(no)w Peace,” at the Levine Museum of the New South located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dr. Packer received her Bachelors Degree from Florida A&M University in African American Studies and her Masters Degree from UNC-Charlotte in History.  She is a wife and the mother of two daughters and one son.

 SPRING 2018  
AFST 201 Introduction to African-American Studies    
HIST 146 History of the United States Since the Civil War    
HIST 146 History of the United States Since the Civil War    
HIST 381 African-American History to the Mid-19th Century