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Cultural studies challenges the relationship between culture and meaning, beginning with the premise that culture is neither neutral nor natural. In the cultural studies program, faculty and students investigate how meaning is produced and consumed in the process of constructing and inhabiting a culture. Cultural studies programs cross disciplines in order to engage contexts like gender and sexuality, class, race and ethnicity, globalization and national identity.

In the spirit of the university’s liberal arts tradition, the cultural studies program creates a space in which students can be critically engaged, aware, and active in the community. The program brings together highly engaged students and faculty who are committed to the notion that, in our increasingly global society, diversity reaches far beyond face value. Rather, diversity must be measured in the richness and complexity of ideas and experiences, a depth of understanding that the cultural studies program aims to foster.

What Can I Do With a Cultural Studies Minor?

Students graduating with a minor in cultural studies possess a broad liberal arts education with strong skills in critical thinking, writing and research. The interdisciplinary orientation of the program means that cultural studies students have excellent abilities in synthesizing and analyzing diverse information. In addition, the structure of the program helps minors develop independence, self-motivation and a range of skills in a variety of fields.

Students graduating from Towson University’s cultural studies program have pursued many different career paths, including: public relations, non-profit organizations, grant writing, arts organizations, teaching, political activism, business, NGOs, free-lance writing, and graduate and professional schools (including anthropology, sociology, art, philosophy, cultural studies, human resources, law, English, and education).

Minor Requirements

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Cultural Studies

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