American Studies Minor

A minor is available for those students with another major who want to learn more about American culture. Students interested in material culture or museum work have the opportunity to receive units for internships at a number of area museums or historical sites.

Why Study American Studies?

The American studies approach emphasizes the interrelatedness of history, literature, the arts, and popular culture. Students who minor in American studies may wish to have careers in fields such as law, government service, non-profit organizations, journalism, museum work, and teaching, where a broad knowledge of American history and culture is desirable. 

Minor Requirements

View minor requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog. A printable version is also available.

Why Choose a Minor?

Broaden Your Educational Experience

A minor course of study allows you to complement your major with a broader body of knowledge. You can pursue your personal passion and academic interests while still fulfilling the requirements of your major discipline. Enhance your resume and transcript and make yourself a more marketable job candidate by building your knowledge base and broadening your educational experience.

Contact Information

American Studies

Michael Masatsugu, Ph.D.
Liberal Arts Building
Room 4221
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.