Asian Studies Concentration

The Asian Studies concentration within the Interdisciplinary Studies major is designed to offer students an interdisciplinary program of study of various dimensions of the Asian world. Students may plan a course of study that concentrates on a particular aspect of Asian civilization or on a particular sub-region of Asia.

One might, for example, focus on the art and philosophy of various Asian peoples, or instead, one might choose to concentrate on Chinese (or Indian or Japanese) civilization, studying the traditional and modern society, its physical setting, and its political and economic development.

In order to build a sound program of study, which meets both the individual student’s needs and Interdisciplinary Studies requirements, it is essential that students work closely with an adviser in planning the program and selecting courses.

The Asian Studies program also has a 21-unit minor program.  Besides an expanding list of Asian Studies courses, the program is supported by the Asian Arts and Culture Center, located in the Center for the Arts.

Contact Information

Asian Studies 

Erik Ropers, Ph.D.
Liberal Arts Building
Room 4241
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