Students in the Metropolitan Studies major are required to complete 39 credits with a grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher. Of the total credits in program requirements, a maximum of 9 may also be used to fulfill General Education requirements.  

Note: Courses designated with “xx” did not have numbers assigned in time for publication. Please contact the program director for information.  

Core Courses (9 credits)

MTRO 101    Introduction to Metropolitan Studies (3) 

GEOG 101    Physical Geography (3) 

POSC 207      State and Local Government (3) 

Required Courses (27 credits)

Majors must take two courses in each of the categories lettered A, B and F; and one course each in C, D and E. 

A.  GEOG 391    Urban Systems (3)

  And one of the following: 

     GEOG 355    Historical Geography of Urbanization (3) 

    GEOG 363    Spatial Organization of Economic Activity (3) 

    GEOG 393    Transportation and Infrastructure (3) 

    GEOG 409    Comprehensive Planning (3) 

    GEOG 484    Land Use Planning (3) 

 B.  POSC 3xx     Politics of Metropolitan Growth and Change (3)

  And one of the following:

    POSC 4xx    Comparative Metropolitan Governance in Industrial 

  Democracies (3)   

    POSC 305    Urban Government and Politics (3) 

    POSC 4xx    Problems and Issues in the Metropolitan State (3) 

    POSC 421    Politics and Environmental Policy (3) 

C.  Select One:

    HIST 3xx    History of Metropolitan Baltimore and Washington (3) 

    HIST 3xx    Metropolitan History in World Perspective (3) 

    HIST 375    The City in American History (3) 

D.  Select One:

    ECON 351    Economics of the Metropolitan Area (3) 

    ECON 485    Seminar in Economic Issues (3) 

E.  Select One:

    SOCI 339    Community Organization (3) 

    SOCI 329    Demography (3) 

    SOCI 327    Urban Sociology (3) 

F.  Select Two:

   1.   MTRO 497    Metropolitan Studies Internship (3) 

        (open to juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.00 and above) 

   2.    MTRO 470-479  Special Topics in Metropolitan Studies (3)   

   3.    MTRO 4xx         Honors Seminar: Metropolitan Leadership (3) 

   4.    any course listed in A-E that coincides with the student's individual interests in            metropolitan studies 

   5.    an upper-level course that the student's adviser must approve as relevant to metropolitan studies (including approved study abroad) 

  Capstone Experience (3 credits) 

    MTRO 4xx    Capstone Seminar in Metropolitan Studies (3)