Department of Political Science

We live in a world of rapidly developing economic, environmental, demographic, and defense challenges. Only well-informed and active citizens can meet these challenges. A degree in political science will provide you with the tools you need to confront the tests facing your generation and future generations.

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) addresses Towson political science students
Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) addresses Towson political science students.

Gain a deeper understanding of politics and develop the values required to become an active citizen of our nation and of the world through the department’s undergraduate programs. As a political science major, you will examine political phenomena critically, communicate political ideas effectively, and develop a greater appreciation for the political process.

Gain the foundation you need for further study in graduate or professional education or to enter the world of public service, nongovernmental organizations, law, or business, nationally or abroad. The department provides opportunities for active learning inside and outside the classroom with programs that prepare you for roles in local, state, and federal government or on the international stage.

With the seat of Maryland state government just 30 miles from campus and the U.S. Capitol only an hour away, you will benefit from opportunities to see our political system in action. Gain credit for more direct experience through internships in national, state and local agencies.

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The Towson University Journal of International Affairs is a student-run publication that features undergraduate research, along with articles by scholars and practitioners in the field. Learn more about how you can submit an article to the journal. The Towson PreLaw Journal also affords students the opportunity to showcase their understanding of legal issues.