Savannah Wilhelm

Major: Political Science and Economics

Savannah Wilhelm

As a freshman, Savannah Wilhelm read The New York Times cover to cover. “The more I learned about politics and economics, the more intrigued I was about how the two disciplines are intertwined.”

That casual interest evolved into a desire to pursue a dual degree in political science and economics. Wilhelm became a member of the Honors College in her sophomore year and was recommended by her instructors for two important activities. She participated in the Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference, where she presented a paper based on an honors independent study project on children affected by armed conflict and the implications of forced migration.

“ If you are willing to make yourself known, Towson University will notice you. ”

Savannah Wilhelm

On the heels of that presentation, she was nominated to attend the U.S. Naval Academy’s Foreign Affairs Conference as a delegate. “With the help of my instructors, I prepared a paper on the implications of empowering women in conflict zones,” explains Wilhelm. “I interacted with student delegates all over the world.”

Wilhelm attests that at Towson University, one opportunity leads to another. “It’s all about how much you are willing to work for it,” says Wilhelm, who recently completed a summer internship at the financial powerhouse Morgan Stanley. “If you are willing to make yourself known, Towson University will notice you.”

Her hard work and industriousness have paid off in other ways. Wilhelm recently received the Beulah M. Price Memorial Scholarship, a significant award that eased the financial burden for her family, including her two sisters who also attend Towson University.