Combined Majors

Combine a major in political science with a major in economics, geography or mass communication to give yourself an advantage in pursuing an advanced degree or career options.

The Department of Political Science offers the combined major in the following disciplines: political science and economics; political science and geography; and political science and mass communication. Students must complete the requirements for both majors in order to earn a combined major. However, by electing the combined major, six political science units will count toward the other major's elective requirements and vice versa.

View all degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog, and consult your adviser in both departments.

Political Science and Economics Combined Major -- The combined rigor of political science and economics coursework is ideal preparation for admission to law school or a master’s in business administration.

Political Science and Geography and Environmental Planning Combined Major -- Complement your knowledge of the political systems in the United States and worldwide with a broad perspective of environmental and planning issues, which provides a strong foundation for positions in international development and with international nonprofits.

Political Science and Mass Communication Combined Major -- If you are interested in a career in journalism, this major exposes you to varied aspects of mass communication. Your knowledge of current media, along with a solid background in political science will prepare you to enter the field.

Political Science and Communication Combined Major -- Supercharge your writing, speaking, and analytical skills in preparation for a career in politics or business.