Victoria Wolsh

By the time she transferred to Towson University from Frederick Community College, Victoria Wolsh knew she wanted to follow a military career path.

Victoria Wolsh

“I heard the call to serve and to help others,” recalls Wolsh, who enrolled in Towson University as an Army ROTC student. 

Interested in studying how individuals respond to complex trauma, Wolsh quickly connected with Professor Bethany Brand in the psychology department. “Professor Brand is an amazing teacher with strong clinical experience in treating trauma-related disorders,” describes Wolsh. 

“One of the best things about the psychology department is that you are required to take courses in different areas: biological, social and clinical psychology,” says Wolsh. “You can dip your feet into each area of psychology to find where your interests lie.”

As her honors thesis mentor, Brand encouraged Wolsh to attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at the University of Central Oklahoma to present research conducted as part of an international study on the Treatment of Patients with Dissociative Disorders headed by Brand.  Wolsh’s research team discovered age was not a factor in treatment intervention for disorders related to traumatic events, such as abuse, combat, or violence, by disassociating.

You can dip your feet into each area of psychology to find out where your interests lie. ”

Victoria Wolsh

 “It was interesting to talk to psychology students and others who were not familiar with the disorders, and it was a great experience presenting the research findings,” explains Wolsh.

Wolsh completed her senior clinical internship in a private practice specializing in treating patients with trauma disorders. She also used her therapy skills in work with the TU Counseling Center as a peer educator, promoting positive attitudes about body image and healthy lifestyles.

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