Alexa Doerr

Assistant Professor, IO Psychology; Human Resource Development Graduate Program

Professor Alexa Doerr

Contact Information

LA 3143


Ph.D. in Industrial &
Organizational Psychology,
Auburn University, 2016

M.S. in Industrial &
Organizational Psychology,
Auburn University, 2014

B.A. in Psychology & Communication,
University of Maryland,
College Park

Areas of Expertise

Occupational Health & Safety

Test Development & Validation

Individual Differences

Employee Selection

Conflict & Negotiation

Research Interests

Dr. Doerr's research interests include occupational health and safety, personnel selection, and employment testing. The primary focus of her current work involves the development of superior methods for selecting and hiring individuals into safety-related jobs and careers. She has applied experience in test development and validation at the Society for Human Resource Management, as well as consulting experience at the American Institutes for Research.


Selected Publications

Svyantek, D. J., Cullen, K., & Doerr, A. J. (2014). Person–organization fit and its implications for human resource management practices. In R. R. Sims & W.I. Sauser (Eds.), Legal and Regulatory Issues in Human Resources Management (pp. 315-340). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Beiler, A. A., Zimmerman, L. M., Doerr, A. J., & Clark, M. A. (2014). An evaluation of research productivity among I-O psychology doctoral programs. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 51, 40-52.


Courses Taught

  • PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology
  • HRD 646: Conflict Management and Resolution
  • HRD 629: Staffing, Recruitment, and Selection