Joella Anzelc

Interim Coordinator, Psychology Program in Towson Northeast (TUNE)


Contact Info

TU 3130
TUNE 318


Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, School Psychology certification,
The University of Texas at Austin

B.S. in Education,
Psychology major,
Western Illinois University

Areas of Expertise

School Psychology


Cognitive Psychology


Dr. Anzelc is married and has three adult children. She spent the beginning of her career in Illinois as a Mental Health Specialist for chronically mentally ill adults. She also taught adjudicated youth. During her time in Texas, Dr. Anzelc was employed by Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District, in the School Psychology Program.



Dr. Anzelc's early work in Illinois included being a Mental Health Specialist for chronically mentally ill adults for whom she served as a team leader with responsibilities for creating behavioral programs, working directly with the residents, and supervising the staff on her team. Additionally, while in Illinois, Dr. Anzelc was a teacher of adjudicated youth at the Day Probation Program and co-created the education plan for the program.

Dr. Anzelc was in the middle of her doctoral work at the University of Texas at Austin when she gave birth to her second of three children, Kristin, who was born neurologically "at-risk", adding dimension and depth to all subsequent academic pursuits. Eventually, Kristin was diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects multiple systems.

While living near Houston, Texas, Dr. Anzelc completed her doctoral internship and was subsequently employed by the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District, Department of School Psychology. Her responsibilities included psychological assessment, consultation with faculty and parents, and working directly with students with various disabilities from preschool through high school, specializing in those with emotional and behavioral problems.


Publications/Research/Creative Activities

Article: The Role of Student Processing of Feedback in Classroom Achievement

Dissertation: The Relationship between Medical Risk and School-Related Qualities

Annual presenter of various topics for Mothers of Preschoolers

Spring 2015: Faculty Commitment to Academic Accessibility Award

Currently Teaching

PSYC 201: Educational Psychology PSYC 447: Sex Differences (TUNE)
PSYC 461: Cognitive Psychology (TUNE) PSYC 404: Adolescent Psychology & PSYC 451: Intro to the Exceptional Child (TUNE)