Shannon McClain

Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology

Shannon McClain

Contact Information

LA 2138


Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology,
University of Texas at Austin

M.A. in Educational Psychology,
University of Texas at Austin

B.A. in Psychology, Miami University

Areas of Expertise

Multicultural issues in therapy

Treatment of mood and anxiety disorder in college students


Dr. McClain has worked in a variety of settings conducting individual therapy, group therapy, and psychological assessment with children, adolescents, and adults.



Dr. McClain’s scholarship examines how individuals' social identities and culture impact psychosocial functioning, including mental health, learning, and development. Within this area, her research has addressed cultural factors such as racial socialization, racial and ethnic identity, race-related stress, impostor feelings, and within-nation region as a cultural variable.


Selected Publications

McClain, S., Hilliard-Chapman, C., Smith, S. R. (Under contract). Regionalism and Personality Assessment: A Matter of Place. In S. R. Smith & R. Krishnamurthy (Eds.). Diversity-Sensitive Personality Assessment. New York: Routledge.

Awad, G. H., Norwood, C., Taylor, D. S., Martinez, M., McClain, S., Jones, B., Holman, A., & Chapman-Hilliard, C. (In Press). Beauty and Body Image Concerns Among African American College Women. Journal of Black Psychology.

Cokley, K., McClain, S., Enciso, A., & Martinez, M. (2013). An examination of the impact of minority status stress and impostor feelings on the mental health of diverse ethnic minority college students. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 41(2), 82-95.

Cokley, K., McClain, S., Jones, M., & Johnson, S. (2012). A preliminary investigation of academic disidentification, racial identity, and academic achievement among African American adolescents. The High School Journal, 95(2), 54-68.

Courses Taught

  • PSYC 432: Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • PSYC 605: Basic Counseling Techniques
  • PSYC 606: Career Development
  • PSYC 609: Advanced Counseling Techniques
  • PSYC 615: Research Methods