Course Descriptions

The following courses are offered through the clinical psychology graduate program. A full listing of graduate courses (numbered 500 to 899) available through the psychology department is published online and in print each year in the Graduate Catalog.


PSYC 631 Advanced Abnormal Psychology (3)
Current and historical perspectives of psychopathology. Emphasis on various diagnostic approaches.

PSYC 632 Advanced Child Psychopathology (3)
Etiology and presentation of various behavioral and psychological disorders which begin or are unique to childhood and adolescence. Overview of pertinent developmental information and various perspectives of psychology and how they relate to the etiology and treatment of these disorders.

PSYC 665 Psychotherapy and Behavior Change I (3)
First of two-term sequence. Development of skill in theory-based and diagnostic case conceptualization and intake interviewing. Readings, lectures, and practical experiences related to intake interviewing. Dynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic theoretical models as they related to case conceptualization.

PSYC 666 Psychotherapy and Behavior Change II (3)
Second of two-term sequence. Development of knowledge of evidence-based practices in psychology. Readings, lectures, exercises, and practical experiences to develop skill in goal setting, treatment planning, and delivery of empirically supported individual therapies and treatment techniques.

PSYC 679 Special Topics Seminar (3)
Topics vary according to the instructor. Previous topics have included "psychotherapy with children and adolescents," "treatment of eating disorders," and "hypnosis."

PSYC 687 Advanced Experimental Design I (3)
Treatment of descriptive and inference statistical methods and design considerations. Prerequisite: PSYC 212 or equivalent

PSYC 688 Advanced Experimental Design II (3)
Treatment of advanced analysis of variance designs and related techniques. Prerequisite: PSYC 687 or equivalent.

PSYC 697 Practicum in Clinical Psychology (3)
Supervised experience in psychological interviewing, assessment, and psychotherapy. Practicum in which students will meet for individualized supervision with the practicum instructor.

PSYC 720 Assessment of Intelligence (3)
Construction, standardization, administration, scoring, and interpretation of tests.

PSYC 730 Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (3)
Treatment of specific presenting problems seen in childhood and adolescents. Application of technique in student's field placements.

PSYC 755 Cognitive Therapy I (3)
Theory and techniques of cognitive and rational-emotive therapy, including assessment strategies and basic applications. Prerequisite: PSYC 631, PSYC 655, PSYC 665, matriculation in Clinical Psychology program and consent of program director.

PSYC 761 Social/Emotional and Behavioral Assessment (3)
Advanced knowledge of social/emotional and behavioral assessment. Identification and assessment of common internalizing and externalizing disorders through a variety of methods.

PSYC 765 Personality Assessment in Clinical Psychology (3)
Theoretical and empirical bases underlying personality assessment. Introduction to methods and instruments used in clinical evaluation.

PSYC 790 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Psychology (3)
Treatment of ethical, legal, and professional issues related to the practice of school, clinical, and counseling psychology.

PSYC 797 Internship in Clinical Psychology (3)
Supervised field experience in a community mental health center, state psychiatric hospital, or other public mental health facility with exposure to the duties of a master's level clinical psychologist, including psychological assessment, psychotherapy, and report writing.


The previous course, PSYC 897, taken over two consecutive semesters.

Continuation of thesis research.