Jameta Barlow

Assistant Professor, Department of Women's and Gender Studies

Jameta Barlow

With her youthful looks, Jameta Barlow tends to get confused for a student. But the moment words flow from her mouth, the assistant professor’s authority is unmistakable.

A community health psychologist focused on women and health, Barlow offers fresh perspectives and learning opportunities to Towson University students that extend from the classroom to the other side of the world.

During the January 2015 Minimester, Barlow led an eye-opening course on gender, social justice and health, in Ghana. Fourteen students got to tour five distinct regions in the West African nation, studying women’s roles within the family and meeting with government officials.

“It was a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with stakeholders at multiple levels,” says Barlow, “and to learn more about feminism through the lens of Africa.”

Back on campus, Barlow has TU research assistants working on Saving Our Sisters, her digital storytelling project. The students, says Barlow, have been “integral to the process,” and will present at conferences alongside the assistant professor, as well as having opportunities to co-author publications associated with the work.

Barlow also teaches a course that is new to Towson University on women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Thanks to the first section’s creation of a documentary on the topic, students from the class will accompany Barlow to present at an invited workshop in Delaware.

Though she’s only been at Towson University since 2014, the Virginia native knows that she and TU are a good fit.

“We’re small, but we’re great!” Barlow says of the women’s and gender studies department.

“I love how all of our interests come together in a unique and intersectional way to help address the needs of our students.”