Center for Leadership in Education


The Center for Leadership in Education at Towson University (CLE) will be the premier resource for quality comprehensive leadership and organizational development support for schools, school systems, and education-related organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.


Using a combination of formal degree programs; residential and drive-in institutes; web-based and distance-learning opportunities; and ongoing field support, coaching, and technical assistance, the mission of the Center for Leadership in Education is to develop leadership capacity in individuals, schools, and school systems in Maryland and surrounding regions, empowering them to exceed rigorous student achievement standards and stakeholder expectations.

Core Values and Beliefs

The center embodies and promotes the following core values that enable all organizations to become continually self-renewing entities:

  • Shared vision: A common purpose and direction developed collaboratively by stakeholders and the alignment of actions with this vision
  • Collegiality: The centrality of relationship building and a dedication to individual and collective learning
  • Empowerment: The engagement of stakeholders and the autonomy of actions when moving toward the common vision
  • Accountability: Shared responsibility for continuous progress in student achievement as informed by data
  • Integrity: The use of ethical principles to guide actions.
  • Shared leadership: Knowing that leadership is not the role of a single individual, nor is it a right bestowed by a title

Goals of the Center

Goals of the center support its vision, mission, and core beliefs. The goals are:

  • To expand leadership capacity in classrooms, in schools, in school systems, and at the policy level across the state and region through the preparation of leaders who embody the new leadership paradigm
  • To provide high quality training programs and support services necessary to enable schools and school systems to become learning organizations
  • To collaborate with other organizations and institutions to strengthen PreK-16 educational leadership across the state
  • To expand knowledge, understanding, and the practice of educational leadership, which assures excellence in teaching and learning for every student in the state.

CLE resources are therefore focused on:

  • Leadership training and development, serving individuals in the profession
  • Leadership system support, serving schools, school systems, and other educational and governmental organizations
  • Leadership research, analysis, information gathering, and dissemination, serving the educational profession, public policy makers, political leadership, and other community stakeholders.