Scot McNary

Associate Professor

Scot McNary

Contact Information

Hawkins Hall, Room 102F


Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park

Areas of Expertise

Quantitative Methods, Research Design, Program Evaluation


Martinez-Alba, G., Wizer, D., Cruzado-Guerrero, J., McNary, S., Huggins, S., & Mogge, S. (2016).  A duck, is a duck, is a duck:  Roles of reading specialists today.  Literacy Issues and Practices, 20(1), 5 – 22. 

Haverback, H. & McNary, SW. (submitted) An investigation of 21st century preservice teachers’ reading time, self-efficacy, and habits.

Pitcher, S, Albright, L & McNary, SW. (in press). The Adolescent Motivation to Read  Survey: Revised. Reading Psychology.

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