Prisca Martens


Prisca Martens

Contact Information

Psychology Building, Room 116


Ph.D., University of Arizona

M.A., Valparaiso University

B.S., Valparaiso University

Areas of Expertise

Reading and Writing Development, Early Literacy, Miscue Analysis, Retrospective Miscue Analysis, Children's Literature, Art and Literacy in Picturebooks


Prisca Martens is a professor in the Department of Elementary Education at Towson University, Towson, Maryland, where she teaches courses in literacy and children’s literature. She taught elementary school for 17 years before pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Arizona. Her research and interests focus on early literacy, Eye Movement Miscue Analysis (EMMA), and children’s picturebooks and art. Her current research investigates how helping young children read the language of art in the illustrations of picture books and integrating that meaning with the meaning in the written text enhances children’s understanding and appreciation of story. Prisca is active in professional organizations, including NCTE, the International Reading Association (IRA), the Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking (CELT), and the Literacy Research Association. She has written numerous articles and book chapters and is the author of I Already Know How to Read: A Child’s View of Literacy and co-editor (with Yetta Goodman) of Critical Issues in Early Literacy: Research and Pedagogy.

Selected Publications

Building intercultural understandings through global literature
Authors:P. Martens, R. Martens, M. Doyle, J. Loomis, L. Fuhrman, C. Furnari, E. Soper, & R. Stout
Publisher: The Reading Teacher, 68(8), 609–617, 2015

The Essential RMA: A Window Into Reader’s Thinking.
Authors: Y. Goodman, P. Martens, & A. Flurkey
Publisher: Richard C. Owen, 2014

Artists Reading and Thinking: Developing intercultural understandings through global literature.
Authors: P. Martens & R. Martens
Publisher: WOW Stories, IV(7a), 2013