Health Education Required Courses

Content Courses (30-36 units)

Major or Concentration (School Health Education) (24 units)

HLTH 101 Wellness in a Diverse Society (3)
HLTH 222 Foundations of Health Education (3)
HLTH 103 EMC/First Aid and CPR (3)
HLTH 204 Nutrition and Weight Control (3)
HLTH 208 Mental Health Stress/ Management (3)
HLTH 220 Human Sexuality (3)
HLTH 311 Chronic and Communicable Disease (3)
HLTH 405 Drugs in Our Culture (3)

Credits Related: (12)

BIOL 221/221L Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
BIOL 222/22L Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
CHEM 221/221L Chemistry (4)

Professional Education Courses (21 units)

PSYC 203 Human Development (3)
SCED 305 Adolescent Learning, Development and Diversity (3)
HLTH 425 Teaching Methodology Health Education (3)
SPED 301 Introduction to Special Education (3)SCED 341 Assessment of Students (3)
SCED 460 Methods of Teaching Reading in the Content Area, Part I (3)
SCED 461 Methods of Teaching Reading in the Content Area, Part II (3)

Teaching Experience (6-12 units)

HLTH 387 or HLTH 388 Student Teaching

A supervised experience in a public school setting at the appropriate age or grade level in the subject area (Health Education) for which the applicant is seeking certification.

Additional Requirements

  • Praxis I or SAT Math and Verbal or Math and Critical Reading
  • Praxis II Content Test- Health Education Praxis II