Middle School Education Required Courses

For students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and have decided to pursue teaching in a Middle School can apply to the Middle School Post-Baccalaureate Program offered by the Department of Secondary and Middle School Education. In this program students are required to select from one of the following combination of content areas: 1) English-Social Studies; 2) English-Math; 3) English-Science; 4) Math-Social-Studies; 5) Math-Science; 6) Social Studies-Science. This program leads to Maryland State Certification in Middle School in the two content areas pending completion of content course requirements (if any), professional education courses, and attaining Maryland qualifying scores on the Praxis Two examinations. Prospective students can make an appointment with the Department Chairperson to discuss the program, and, then can apply formally to the Program.

Required Courses

Introductory Courses (9 units)

SCED 305 Adolescent Learing, Development, and Diversity (3)
ISTC 301 Integrating Instructional Technology (3)
SPED 301 Introduction to Special Education K-12 (3)

Program Courses (11 units)
SCED 341 Principles of Secondary Education (4)
SCED 460 Using Reading and Writing in the Secondary School (4)
SCED 461 Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Area (3)

Internship (5 units)
SCED 499 Internship in Secondary Education (2)
SCED 401 Analyzing Student Teaching (2)
SCED 462 Seminar in Teaching Reading in the SCED Content Areas (1)

Content Courses
Students must choose one of the following combinations:

English & Math
English & Science
English & Social Studies
Math & Social Studies
Math & Science
Science & Social Studies


  • Praxis II Specialty Area and Principles of Learning
  • 2.75 Major GPA
  • 2.75 Overall GPA
  • 3.0 Professional Education GPA