Lindsey Rombro

Major: Special Education

Lindsey Rombro

Growing up next door to the Towson University campus, Lindsey Rombro knew TU was the very best place to pursue a degree in special education. “Towson University’s education program has an amazing tradition and reputation,” says Rombro. “Towson University was the only school I really considered.”

Rombro had no idea that she wanted to be a special education teacher until she worked as a student aide in a special education classroom. “We tend to overlook people in our society who have different needs,” she says. “Think how much they could accomplish with extra support and someone to believe in them.”

Rombro has an even broader perspective following coursework at Towson University. “My courses have helped me understand how parents and siblings behave and how those relationships influence student behavior at school,” relates Rombro. “Understanding home life helps us change the way we teach students.”

Towson University’s education program has an amazing tradition and reputation. ”

Lindsey Rombro

Rombro considers her core group of classmates “like family,” and admits the connections she has made at TU are “beyond what I expected.” Volunteering with the Council for Exceptional Children enlarged her TU network even further. Each December, the student volunteers create a special dance party for teenagers with developmental disabilities. “We decorate the ballroom at Towson University and spend the night dancing and hanging out with them. For many, it may be the only chance they have to socialize with kids their age,” adds Rombro, who is also an Honestly Autism Day volunteer.

“My long-term career goal is to own a preschool with typically developing children and children with exceptionalities in the same classroom together,” says Rombro.