Transfer Students

Thank you for your interest in Towson University and major programs in the Department of Special Education.  In our attempt to improve the transition process for transfer students, this page contains important information regarding required prerequisite coursework and application procedures. 

All majors in the Department of Special Education are screened; therefore, prospective students need to apply to both Towson University and to the program which they wish to enter (Early Childhood/Special Education – ECSE; Elementary Education/Special Education – EESE; Single Certification Special Education).  Prospective students should begin to apply to their desired program by mid-December prior to the year of their desired entry into the program.  Applications and information related to the application process can be obtained on the TU Department of Special Education website or by visiting the Department of Special Education located in the Psychology Building, Room 307.  Seat availability is limited based on the desired program.  Therefore, it is important for students to apply early and present all requirements for acceptance.

To be eligible for admission into a program, applicants must take and pass the Praxis Core or present qualifying SAT or ACT scores.  Additionally, transcripts documenting a grade point average of 2.75 or higher, and a writing sample are required. Until these requirements are satisfied, an applicant cannot be admitted.  Therefore, applicants should begin taking the Praxis Core early in their community college program in order to present qualifying scores at the time of their application. Applications satisfying all requirements except qualifying Praxis Core scores will be reviewed, but acceptance into a program will not be granted until qualifying Praxis Core scores are submitted.

In the past, students have attempted to enter a program of their choice during the summer prior to starting their educational career at Towson University.  Since most of our programs fill prior to this late time frame, many students are unable to enter their desired program and must select an alternative program or take supplemental classes until they are eligible to apply for the following fall semester.  We hope to prevent this disappointment in the future by disseminating this information to potential students.