Elementary Education

The MAT program in Elementary (ELED) General Education requires 42 graduate units of course work. In addition, students may also be required to complete specific content area prerequisites in mathematics, science, English, social science and the creative cultural arts. Please see the Admission Requirements section for information on the transcript analysis process. The MAT program in ELED General Education prepares students to teach grades 1-6.

One-Year and Extended Year

Course Descriptions

View course descriptions in the Graduate Catalog.

Professional Year Internships

All students enrolled in the MAT program must complete a part-time internship in the final fall semester of the program followed by a full-time internship in the final spring semester of the program. Internships are completed in public Professional Development Schools (PDS) in subject areas and grade levels appropriate to each MAT student. Students are responsible for transportation to the field placements and internships. The development and presentation of a portfolio will take the place of a master’s thesis. All MAT program requirements must be completed within seven years.

In addition to completing the MAT program requirements, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) requires that all applicants for state teaching licensure successfully complete the Maryland State Department of Education Basic Skills Requirement  in their area of specialization.