Extended Year Option

The Extended Year option is composed of three segments: Foundation, Curriculum and Clinical (Professional Year) courses. Students can design a flexible program of study for Foundation and Curriculum courses, generally one, two or three late afternoon/evening courses per semester, a majority of which begin at 4:20 p.m.

Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education tracks are available in the Extended Year Program.

Specific Foundations and Curriculum courses require a one day field experience per semester in a public school. Clinical courses taken during the Professional Year are structured to align with the required internship experiences.


Transcript Analysis Process

A transcript analysis determines the content area prerequisites you may be required to complete in addition to MAT program course work. While an analysis can be completed when application materials are received, prior completion of the analysis allows for a quicker admissions decision. 

Please send a brief cover letter stating your intended area of concentration along with your name, mailing address, email address and telephone number. Also include an official or unofficial copy of your transcripts from all two- and four-year colleges/universities you have attended. If you submit official transcripts to the M.A.T. office, they will be shared with the Graduate Admissions office.

Transcript analysis requests can be emailed to or mailed to:

M.A.T. Program Coordinator
College of Education
Towson University
8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252

You will receive written notification of your transcript analysis results via email. Any missing content area prerequisites required for the program will be identified. To see the content checklists for each area, visit the Admissions Requirements & Deadlines page. 

Professional Year Internships

All students enrolled in the M.A.T. program must complete a part-time internship in the final fall semester of the program followed by a full-time internship in the final spring semester of the program. Internships are completed in public Professional Development Schools (PDS) in subject areas and grade levels appropriate to each M.A.T. student. Students are responsible for transportation to the field placements and internships. The development and presentation of a portfolio will take the place of a master’s thesis.

 Teacher Certification Requirements

In addition to completing the M.A.T. program requirements, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) requires that all applicants for state teaching licensure successfully complete the Maryland State Department of Education Basic Skills Requirement  in their area of specialization.

Program Highlights

Flexible Scheduling

  • The Extended Year option may be started any semester of the year – fall, spring or summer.
  • Extended Year students have seven years to complete the program from the first semester of course work.

University Faculty

  • M.A.T. faculty are experienced practitioners who model best practices and are actively involved in the field of education.


  • M.A.T. advisors offer individualized attention to each student’s program of study.

Field Experiences in Varied Settings

  • As early as the first semester, students will experience the classroom environment during day-long observations in a Professional Development School.
  • During the Professional Year, students have internship placements in two public schools. 

Portfolio Assessment

  • With the full support of M.A.T. faculty, each candidate creates a Summative Portfolio as a program exit requirement.