Tory Talayi

Major: Art History

Tory Talayi

Undergraduate Tory Talayi has not yet finished her degree program, yet she is already a curator. As creator of the website,, Talayi writes, designs, and curates submissions to the site she developed to “to examine art history and aesthetic production in a range of media by sharing research, artwork and ideas.”

Art history is the perfect major for creative types who enjoy criticism and theory,” she notes. Through her website, she will encourage fellow students and other individuals to submit papers, critiques and artwork to showcase their own creative talents. “Constructing the website has become a hobby for me,” says Talayi.

“ Attending Towson University has been one of the best experiences of my life. ”

Tory Talayi

When Talayi moved back to the Baltimore area from California to help care for her aging grandparents, she visited Towson University and fell in love with the campus. “I just loved the students and faculty I met and the whole environment,” says Talayi. “Attending Towson University has been one of the best experiences of my life.”

“Working with faculty and getting to know them has been an important part of my education,” explains Talayi, who describes how faculty members rallied around her to explain what experiences could bolster her resume, including pursuing an honors thesis project, to prepare her for acceptance into graduate school.

Unbeknownst to her, a research paper by Talayi was submitted by a faculty member to a local art group and ultimately earned Talayi a scholarship. “This experience reinforces that faculty go above and beyond coursework to help you be successful. They do so many little things behind the scenes, and it is wonderful positive reinforcement for students.”