Art Education Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Successful completion of this program certifies you to teach art education from kindergarten through grade 12 in Maryland and in those states sharing an agreement with Maryland.

This program is open to students who have successfully completed an undergraduate art and design or studio art degree with a minimum 3.0 grade point average. The program, which can be completed in three semesters, consists of four professional education courses, two reading courses, and three semesters of art education core courses, including full- time unpaid student teaching at the elementary and secondary levels.

In addition, a full range of studio art and art history courses are required. Students must successfully pass the Praxis I (or 1100 minimum SAT test scores) and Praxis II exams.

Entry in the program requires an interview with the area coordinator of Art Education, Kay Broadwater. Transcripts and a studio portfolio will be reviewed during the interview. The number of students allowed into the program will be limited by the number of spaces available. View degree requirements in the College of Education.

For more information, contact Dr. Kay Broadwater at .