Study Abroad

Studying communication outside of the United States gives you a truly intercultural perspective. 

Communication studies students can choose from a variety of study abroad programs, including Towson University programs, exchanges and affiliate programs. The cost to participate varies from program to program, as do the services included. Federal financial aid can be used and Study Abroad scholarships are also available.

Communication studies faculty-led programs include:

Social Permissiveness in Amsterdam: Perspectives on Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality

Immerse yourself in a culture which prides itself in social-political constructions like "acceptance" and "tolerance." Explore race, gender, class, and sexuality within a Dutch context as you cruise the canals of Amsterdam. Program highlights include a visit to the Anne Frank Huis, the Keukenhof Gardens, the Rijksmuseum, and the Black Archives.
Identity, Expression, and Social Action in Scotland.

The application deadline is March 15. For more information, contact Professor Michaela Frischherz () or visit the TU Study Abroad website.

Scotland flag

Identity, Expression, and Social Action in Scotland

Study abroad in Scotland in minimester 2021 [Cancelled due to COVID-19]. Explore the intersection of culture and identity among diverse yet intertwined populations through the analysis of historic, political, artistic, and personal expression texts.

Special emphasis is given to Scotland’s path toward devolution, the Scottish Referendum on Independence, and the impact of Brexit on Scottish political thought and national identity. The application deadline is October 15. For more information, contact program director Professor Cynthia Cooper () or visit the TU Study Abroad website.  


Communication and Global Competence in Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant, energetic city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain with rich history and a modern, avant-garde contemporary culture. Join this tremendously popular study abroad experience in Barcelona and learn about global competence.

Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Want to study abroad but don’t have the financial resources? Find out how you can fund your study abroad trip.