Beth Haller


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Contact Information

Van Bokkelen, 205B


Ph.D., Temple University, 1995

Areas of Expertise

Feature writing, newswriting, and reporting
Media law & ethics
Media portrayal of people with disabilities
Online journalism


Dr. Haller teaches graduate level courses in mass comm and culture and media law and undergraduate courses in media law and disability studies and media. Her areas of research include: mass media images of disability issues and people with disabilities, disability and social media, and news media history. She is the author of the book, Representing Disability in an Ableist World (Advocado Press, 2010) and an edited collection of Helen Keller's journalistic writings, Byline of Hope (Advocado Press, 2015). More information about her books is available at


Selected Publications

  • Byline of Hope: The Newspaper and Magazine Writing of Helen Keller, (Edited collection of Keller’s journalism work). Advocado Press, Louisville, Ky., 2015.

  • Representing disability in an ableist world: Essays on mass media, Advocado Press, Louisville, Ky., August 2010.

  • An Introduction to News Reporting: A Beginning Journalist’s Guide (with Jan Johnson Yopp, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill). Allyn & Bacon, Spring 2005.

  • “iTechnology as cure or iTechnology as empowerment: What do North American news media report?” (with Chelsea Jones, Ryerson University, Vishaya Naidoo, York University, & Art Blaser Chapman University). Disability Studies Quarterly, 2015.

  • “Stigma or empowerment? What do disabled people say about their representation in news and entertainment media?” (with Lingling Zhang, Towson University). Review of Disability Studies, Fall 2013 issue.

  • “The Place of News Media Analysis with Disability Studies,” (with Andrew Laing, Cormex Research, Toronto, Canada, Mihaela Dinca, DRPI Canada, Marcia Rioux, York University, Canada, Jessica Vostermans,York University, Canada, & Paula Hearn, York University, Canada) in The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, Spring 2012.

  • “Social Media and Mediated Sociality as Communication: Augmentations and Alternatives to Speech in the Digital Age” (with Meryl Alper, USC) in Social Media and Disability, Ashgate, 2015.

  • “Confirming Normalcy: ‘Inspiration Porn’ and the Construction of the Disabled Subject” (with Jeffrey Preston, Western University) in Social Media and Disability, Ashgate, 2015.


  • Mass media images of disability issues and people with disabilities
  • Disability and social media
  • News media history