Full-time graduate faculty

Name & title areas of expertise

Blake Abbott
Assistant Professor

Rhetorical theory & criticism; Public argumentation;
Political rhetoric; Cultural communication

Cynthia Cooper

Mass media; regulation; management; criticism;
research methods

Melanie Formentin
Assistant Professor

Corporate social responsibility; ethics of care; crisis communication; sport communication; public relations; writing practices; public relations history

Beth Haller

Media law & ethics; media portrayal of people with disabilities/disability issues; online journalism

Hyang-Sook Kim
Assistant Professor

Health communication; human-computer interaction; persuasion in communication technology; consumer psychology in strategic communication

Kwangmi Kim

International advertising; globalization and expansion of media industries; political economy of mass communication; commercialization and representation of gender and race in advertising; social media and sports

Kyongseok Kim
Assistant Professor

Information processing & motivation; advertising scholarship; new media & interactive advertising; cross-cultural advertising; health communication

John F. Kirch
Assistant Professor

News reporting; news writing; journalism history; media literacy; media analysis; political journalism; political campaign coverage; coverage of dissent

Jung-Sook Lee
Department Chair & Professor

Food advertising and obesity; racial disparities in food advertising; effects of celebrity endorsement; advertising education; educational experiences in student internships

Thomas Lieb

Multimedia journalism and new media; mass media and society, with emphasis on media coverage of women & minorities; writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and books; media graphics

Audra McMullen

Organizational communication; training and development; instructional communication; communication ethnography

Sandy Nichols
Associate Professor

Sociology of news; journalism profession and public journalism movement; critical thinking skill development; social networking technologies in university classroom; Millennial generation and pedagogy; media and issues of race, class, gender

Carol Norton

Business and professional communication; advanced public speaking;
interpersonal communication

Sarah Parker Hughes

Strategic communication; organizational communication; crisis communication
strategic planning; nonprofit management & public relations; public relations strategy & writing; social media strategy

Jennifer Potter
Associate Professor

Intercultural communication; gender and communication; rhetoric theory and criticism; political communication

Lester R. Potter
Senior Lecturer

Strategic communication planning and management; organizational communication; organizational effectiveness; organization development; change management; employee communication; strategic planning; project management for both for- and non-profit organizations

Elia Powers
Assistant Professor

Audience engagement and the impact of journalism; civic engagement and news/media literacy; media and disability; multimedia journalism; sports journalism; nonprofit media and new business models

E. Soo Rhee
Assistant Professor

Luxury brand advertising; message strategies in health communication; visual communication; social media and viral dynamics; international advertising

Desiree Rowe
Assistant Professor

Performance studies; queer/feminist rhetorics; auto/ethnography

Stacy Spaulding
Associate Professor

History of journalism, specifically as it relates to race, class, gender, technology, and the history of Baltimore

Lingling Zhang
Associate Professor

Media processes and effects; media stereotyping; consumer behaviors; marketing communication