Kyle Rose

Alumnus: Mass Communication ’16

Kyle Rose

U.S. Army Second Lieutenant Kyle Rose is a born leader. An Army ROTC National Scholarship Winner, throughout his college career Rose led teams of cadets who, like him, were preparing for military service following graduation.

“I come from a military family that has served as an inspiration for me to continue my education,” explains Rose. “TU is a very military-friendly campus environment, and faculty have always been flexible in helping me meet all of my requirements.”

He appreciated the opportunity to tailor his academic program. “I have always loved writing and public speaking, so mass communication seemed like a great major to utilize those skills and acquire more that you can use in any field,” says Rose. “I was able to customize my program by choosing both the advertising and public relations track.”

TU is a very military-friendly campus environment. ”

Kyle Rose

Rose became skilled at juggling his academic commitments with his military obligations. After his sophomore year, he traveled on a Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program to Paraguay, where he taught English to members of the Paraguayan Air Force. Following his junior year, he attended Cadet Troop Leader Training, a military internship-like opportunity, in South Korea.

A former member of Towson University’s Rock-Climbing Club and Sky-Diving Club, Rose is now attending flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama, and he would like to be stationed next in Europe. “My ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is crucial in my career. I look forward to traveling and broadening my world view.”