Closed Course Reporting Form

Please complete the following form if you are unable to enroll in a closed COMM or MCOM course for the spring 2018 semester. Collecting this information from you will help us better meet our students' needs in the spring as well as in future semesters.

Note: There is no need to submit this form if you are already waitlisted for the section/class of your choice. Waitlisted students will automatically be informed if an additional section of that class is added to the schedule. However, if you are planning to graduate in May 2018, you should still complete the form for any required courses of concern, even if you are on the waitlist.

Complete one submission for each course you would like to report. Please take note that completion of this form is not a guarantee of enrollment in the course you request.

This form will be open for submissions through January 1st, 2018. After that time, students with particular enrollment concerns should direct their request to the Unit Coordinator respective to the course in question, as follows:


Anticipated Date of Graduation