Career & Internship Support

The Collaborative Internship Program (CIP) strives to build connections between Towson University dance majors and the dance community at other institutions.

Ballet Class


Dance internship opportunities provide experiences rich in diversity, creativity and critical thinking that help students to develop practical skills related to their career. Through this program, students are introduced to a variety of concepts pertaining to arts management, performance and teaching. 

Getting Started 

  • Identify an internship, apprenticeship or fieldwork about four months prior to beginning the program. Consider more than one site. 
  • Select a Towson faculty supervisor who will work with you to coordinate the internship.              
  • Apply for the internship though the host institution.                                                                    
  • Complete the internship under this program by enrolling in Dance 495 Independent Study.

Fall Internships: June 30th Deadline
Spring Internships: September 30th Deadline
Summer Internships: January 30th Deadline

You may choose your own internship site, but all host institutions must participate in the program.  You may also select from the approved list of internships.

Independent Study Contract

Two months prior to beginning the program, you must complete an DANC 495 Independent Study Contract with your faculty supervisor. This contract will include learning goals, job responsibilities and assessment methods agreed upon by the student, the faculty supervisor and the on-site coordinator for the host institution. 

All necessary paperwork pertinent to the internship such as contracts, liability waivers and background checks required by the on-site coordinator must be completed at that contract preparation time. 

During the Internship

The student and faculty supervisor regularly communicate according to an agreed upon schedule and method. The faculty supervisor routinely checks in with the on-site coordinator. As outlined in the Independent Study Contract, the student completes a final assessment for evaluation. 

After the Internship is Complete

To earn credit for the program, the student must complete the agreed upon assessment and have it submitted to the faculty supervisor for evaluation. The on-site coordinator will provide evaluation reports regarding the student’s performance contributing to the supervisor’s final grade for the program. 

Resources Provided by Host Institution

The host institution for the internship, apprenticeship or fieldwork provides the student an on-site coordinator. This person will be the student’s primary contact at the institution throughout the program. The on-site coordinator will provide guidance and direction related to job responsibilities and learning goals.

The on-site coordinator acquaints the student to the institution’s philosophy, policies and objectives. The faculty supervisor receives evaluation reports from the on-site coordinator that reflect the student’s ability to complete work based on agreed upon deadlines. 

Resources Provided by Faculty Supervisor

The faculty supervisor collaborates with the student and the on-site coordinator to develop job responsibilities and assessment protocol for the program. 

Throughout the term, the faculty supervisor communicates with the student to provide guidance. The supervisor communicates with the on-site coordinator to check-in on the student’s development.

The faculty supervisor conducts the final evaluation of the student’s performance and provides a final grade. 

For more information about the Collaborative Internship Program, or for more information about becoming a host institution, contact Sandra Perez at 410-704-2775 or email