About Our Students


What kind of student does the MAIAI program attract? 

Teachers of all grades and content areas who wish to be leaders in arts integration and innovators in arts infusion.

  • You are a teacher who wishes to expand your knowledge and deepen your current practice by learning how to apply arts integration.
  • You recognize the potential for enriched, differentiated learning and wish to become skilled at adapting curriculum to the needs of your students.
  • You appreciate the ways in which arts integration enhances student enjoyment and engagement with learning, which in turn, enhances teacher job satisfaction.
  • You want to become more adept at collaborating across academic areas and artistic disciplines with your fellow teachers and teaching artists to create dynamic classrooms.
  • You aspire to become an informed teacher leader and/or administrator who advocates for arts integration and infusion.
  • You are excited and curious to learn about arts infusion, which is to say, arts practices in sectors outside of the school setting, to fuel your teaching with new ideas and/or expand your career horizons.

Innovators, leaders and self-starters with an arts and/or education background and an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • You see the potential for arts infusion in a range of settings in and beyond schools and you want to learn how to bring those skills to bear.
  • You desire dedicated time and space to study and apply new knowledge in a dynamic learning environment focused on the intersecting practices of arts and education.
  • You are invested in carving your own path and putting your creative problem-solving skills to work in new ways in the ever-expanding field of arts infusion.
  • You are excited about learning in an interdisciplinary setting with similarly invested peers and faculty who have a wide range of educational and artistic backgrounds.
Ana Maria

Ana Maria Economou

Ana Maria Economou is a teaching artist working in Baltimore City. She received her B.F.A. in Ceramics from Alfred University. Ana Maria’s time in the MAIAI program expanded her understanding of the social emotional benefits of art making and how they can benefit her students in and out of the classroom. With a greater understanding of how the arts can support and serve communities, Ana Maria continues to build and support connection through clay.

Catherine Robinson

Catherine Robinson

Catherine Robinson recently completed her 6th year of teaching in Anne Arundel County Public Schools.  She started as an Early Childhood Educator teaching first and second grade.  After completing the MAIAI program she went on to pursue her current role as an Arts and Humanities teacher that explores all art forms through Project Based Learning.  Outside of education, Catherine also teaches jazz dance to local students in her community.  Robinson’s passion is to ensure all students of diverse backgrounds have equitable access to the arts.

Judith Sarah

Judith Sarah

An active musician, dancer, and all-around arts enthusiast, Judith currently serves as the Early Childhood Education Manager with the Baltimore Symphony OrchKids program. She is passionate about making complex music accessible and engaging for young audiences, and guiding children in composition and creative work. "The MAIAI program has allowed me to weave together my many interests in art, education, and advocacy in a cohesive and exciting way."