Current Projects

It’s an exciting time for us, as we prepare for the first festival of new works presented by our current cohort of graduate students. They will present the culmination of two years of study in SPINAL: MFA New Works on 4/26-28 and 5/3-5/5.

Sara B.
Masjid Al Munfalet: An immersive and sacrilegious experience following the re-imagined lives of three martyr women in a holier than thou shrine.
Lindsey Griffith
Lindsey finds a cool rock and spirals into neurotic obsession. To solve the mystery of its allure, she dives deep into the substance of the rock and her own memories of texture, food, her mother, her mother's mother, and her mother's mother's mother.  She climbs back through generations of strange women to seek out the root of her family's neurosis, with prop comedy, projections, Yoplait Whips, and google eyes.

Laura Pazuchowski
The Contemplative Mapping Instruction Adventure is a series of self-guided walks inviting you to mindfully experience spaces, community, and connection.  The guides are comprised of choose-your-own-adventure style instructions and maps contained in small booklets.   The piece provides individual and group experiences that uncover the depths of everyday surroundings and lead to discovery.  
Jesse Baxter

Blackfish is a new ensemble-devised play conceived by Jesse Baxter, Artistic Director of Dramatic Adventure Theatre.  This new work features the use of heightened poetic language, live folk music, carefully choreographed movement, and shadow puppetry.  The play — set in Cape Cod, over the last 500+ years — follows the unlikely story of a salty fisherman, a pod of whales, an ancient giant, and one determined linguist as they journey across a sea of myths, realities, memories, and dreams in search of who they are. 
Julia Katz

<ph><f>reaking is a live performative game designed to address hacking, web culture, and cyberbullying on academic campuses that hopes to establish an environment of co-creation and to redefine expertise for the participants. Audience members who come in as mothers, students, administrators, and more will see each other as colleagues and team members in the game, leading to a sense of camaraderie that can foster more productive, multigenerational dialogue about adolescents, the Internet, and higher education.