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You may have seen them perform, viewed their artwork, or taken a class with them, and now you have the opportunity to meet the person behind the creation through fascinating profiles of students, faculty, and alumni on our podcast series What's Your Story?, as well as the college newsletter, COFAC Today.

What's Your Story?

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COFAC is spending the year celebrating stories. Stories that are deeply true, personal and autobiographical. Our stories. These are stories of hope, love, guilt, fear, laughter, tears, deceit, virtue, passion and more.

Episode 7: KYOHEI ABE

Kyohei Abe, professor of photography in the department of Art & Design talks about challenges he faced when he made the decision to move 6000 miles away from home. (Transcript)


Heather Sorensen, director of events and operations, tells us about a decision that changed the course of her life and career. (Transcript)


Kalin Kirilov, professor of music theory and composition in the Department of Music, speaks about the importance of noticing systems and patterns in the world. (Transcript)


Tavia La Follette, professor in the Department of Theatre Arts, recalls the time she realized the power of stories to cross boundaries. (Transcript)

Episode 3: RUNQIAO DU

Runqiao Du, professor in the Department of Dance, tells us about a conversation that changed the course of his life. (Transcript)

Episode 2: Jennifer Atwater

Jennifer Atwater, professor of broadcast journalism, news writing, and reporting in the Department of Mass Communication, expresses the importance of always remaining curious. (Transcript)

Episode 1: Mathew Bainbridge

Mathew Bainbridge, professor in the Department of Electronic Media & Film, tells a story about a turning point in his life that may surprise you. (Transcript)