Campus Clearance Tool

Students, faculty and staff can check and show their campus clearance status using this online COVID task checklist:

student showing a campus clearance tool screen on phone

Keep your campus status clear

As part of expanded efforts to protect the health of all Tigers on campus, TU has implemented a new Campus Clearance Tool. This online checklist shows the COVID-19 tasks students, faculty and staff must complete, including daily QuickScans, sentinel tests and other required actions.

Individual tasks required are unique to each student, faculty and staff member. Whether you are on campus living, learning, working or just visiting, you are responsible for tracking and completing your tasks in a timely manner.  

Show your status

Use the Campus Clearance Tool to show proof of your campus status. 

Green check mark


If all of your required tasks are complete, you’ll be shown a status of CLEAR with a green checkmark. 


red exclamation point


If one or more of your required tasks are incomplete, you’ll see a status of RESTRICTED with a red exclamation point. Below your status you’ll see which tasks are incomplete and instructions and/or links to complete outstanding tasks. 

You are encouraged to check your status daily and you may be asked to show proof of a CLEAR status in order to gain access to certain campus buildings, including the library, recreation facilities and residence halls. Save the tracker link on your mobile device for when you're asked to show your status.

Failure to complete tasks in a timely manner will result in restricted access to campus and indoor spaces. Some professors may require proof of a clear status for entry to some in-person classes. Be prepared and complete your required tasks to ensure you are always in the clear. 

Keeping TU’s campus safe

To continue living, learning and working on campus it’s critical we all do our part. Remember to Scan, Test and Report this spring and keep your status clear to ensure the health and safety of all Tigers.  

Using the Campus Clearance Tool

Are you a department, faculty member or staff member who would like to use the Campus Clearance Tool in your classroom or building space? Learn more about how you can verify the status of community members in your area